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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finally A Farm Update...

There hasn't been a farm update in a while mostly because we've been in the boring dog days of winter. Not much is going on.  If you asked me what I did on any given farm day lately my reply would have been, "Glared angrily at the snow, cursed the cold, and sat around glumly."

This is where I held my Monday Morning Meeting to discuss goals and objectives.

But finally a great day! Yesterday it was sunny (but cold) so we got outside and did what we could do. Of course we have another winter storm coming and by this time tomorrow we could be deep in the grim grip of another FTE.

Still waitin' for the Feds to bust thru the gate.

Luckily I spent all day Monday gettin' my boil on. That's right - I was cookin' up more of the "M."

Kai helped today. She thought the sap was amazing. Very helpful.

We had a great day - I hauled a bunch of firewood up from the woods and The Big Man chainsawed it to more manageable chunks and split it. I used any weird wood pieces for my sap boiling fire. We started with a little less than 20 gallons of sap - including all the sap that came flying out of the trees today. We are ready for french toast now!

The hens have finally started earning their keep. The longer days - made a little longer by having a light on in the hen house - has finally kicked them into gear. A couple of my funny clucks are trying to set nests but it's way to early for that.

But remember  my little garage duck? Well. Darn. It seems her nest lost it's structural integrity and many of the eggs slipped out from under her. I found a suspicious group of cold eggs lower down on the hay pile from where she made her nest. I didn't have high hopes for a hatch but still, a ruined nest is always sad. She'll give up soon enough so I'm not going to move her.

And then there is this....
That's one duck too many.

I'm not sure what is going on here but these ladies may not share a nest. It's bad practice and never ends well. We are still too early, really, for any hatch but I'll let them monkey around for a while with this soon-to-be-failed venture. I'd rather that they get their "settin'" out of this system so they can be firing on all cylinders when the real spring comes.

As for the rest - the goats are looking pretty good, the geese are ornery as all get-out, and the turkey hens are just happy doing their turkey "do."

My Good Shepherd.

Technically we are about 20* colder than we should be for this time of year - which is always disappointing. But this one super terrific day was just what the doctor ordered to lift my spirits. 

Happy Tuesday everyone! Did you have a great day? Anyone else getting this storm?


Heavens Door Acres said...

Winter blahs here as well. Getting lazy...and I just KNOW I will pay for it come spring. Even hauling in firewood daily, doesn't keep me from getting lazy....come on spring..

Vera said...

Glad you had a day of good 'outside' weather. Being outside for so much of the year, and then being stuck indoors through inclement weather can make a farm girl go stir crazy, as well I know!

Am envious or your D0-it-yourself Maple Syrup. I found that lovely treat a little while ago, and now pour a drop or two on loads of things I eat. It is very addictive stuff!

Samantha said...

This winter needs to get lost. Our part of the Ohio Valley is getting this storm, too. UGH.

Anton said...

Do you have any tricks to get a broody hen (chicken) to stop being broody?

Unknown said...

Wind's blowing here, rain coming...

becky3086 said...

Sounds like here, just nothing going on and nothing to post about. At lease we don't have snow though...it is terribly windy and cold today. We are at least 20 degrees colder than normal too.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

HDA - are you digging out today??

Thanks Vera! We are completely stir crazy right now. But our syrup project has been keeping us entertained.

How much snow did you get, Samantha?

Yes, Anton! Check this out:

Basically you need to break her broodiness by cooling her down. If it's cold there then just keep taking her eggs.

We had a big rain yesterday, Nancy, it was ridiculous.

Nothing but boring dog days here, Becky... where is our spring!

Weekend Cowgirl said...

I know you are ready for summer also. The farm is much more fun in the spring! Enjoyed your photos and sorry about the little eggs...

Anonymous said...

LOVE your good shepherd, he's handsome!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

thanks WCG!! i'm excited about real farm updates... come on spring!

Hi Madge! Welcome! And yep - I just love my #1 Dog.. this is my fav pic of him:

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