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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mo Derp

I got off farm yesterday - it was fantastic. I had a terrific time and a darn good meal.

Mo was a little derp-y yesterday. His little tongue hanging out slays me

Today I need to set up The Grand Palais for Nibbles.... she's looking extremely large. I understand her arch rival - Gidget - had quads so now Nibs is gonna have five babies just to show her up. Goats = crazy.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Traci Sumner said...

Goats totally equal weird.

Two of our does had their babies already. One three weeks before I thought she should have and the other one two weeks. I think my goats can't count, because the last one to go is finally starting to look like something - and she's right on schedule.

So far, one doeling from one Mama and a buckling and a doeling from our experienced Mama.

Getting ready to swap the babies and mamas out of the deluxe accomodations for the whiny child outside who I think will go around this weekend.

Chai Chai said...

If Nibbles birthing is anything like Gidget's you had better have the 4H kids standing by.....

Ohiofarmgirl said...

You cant believe how yesterday turned out, Traci - for heavens sakes!

CC - I need a whole pack of 4H kids after yesterday.

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