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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Radishes are sprouting!

This time last year I already had a big basket full of radishes.....

But for now this is the best I've got. I'll take it. I can't even remember now if this is the spring we are supposed to be having or if we are behind.

I've also got some sunflower seeds popping up. We might have a couple cold nights this weekend so I'm holding off on planting anything that isn't covered up.

There's been a lot of work happening these last couple days - some inside and some outside. But mostly its me trudging around, dogs in tow, with a bucket of seeds and my notebook trying to keep things organized. And a lot of tilling.

We are reclaiming some weird sections out past the gate - its a rush to see if the weeds and bramble will hold that ground or if I can get it tilled and planted. Pretty much it's a no holds barred, all out brawl to see who will win. I might be slightly ahead.

In the meantime my alfalfa is doing great! We will have a hot day today....then a big soaking rain tomorrow morning... then more even temperatures. This should really kick the alfalfa into high gear and I may be able to take a cutting off it next week - just in the nick of time.

The goats are languishing from their long pregnancies and nothing but not-great-hay from last year's drought-ridden season. I've been taking them for "nature walks" as my friend S calls them... but mostly it's me just dragging Debbie along the fence lines so that she can crop whatever grass and weeds have barely popped up. Nibbles and the babies follow along behind and complain bitterly about the rough treatment. They continue to be a source of great amusement for the dogs.

Happy Thursday everyone! Time to get out there and get 'er done!

1 comment:

David said...

only the garlic is up. Hope to get some onions, shallots, peas and radishes in the ground shortly.

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