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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Found In the Garden....

Yesterday was just like summer - I think I even got a sunburn. If you can believe it I had to drag out the hoses and run the sprinkler so my seeds would start. It was an amazing day.

More Yukon Golds went here - I'm getting different varieties this week.

But what was really amazing is what I found in the garden. I'm still doing a ton of prep - so not much to see except some of the treasures I dug up or tilled over. I found a couple of sprinkler heads and some other hose attachments but what really set me back on my heels was this.....

The Biggest Parnsip EVER.

Parsnip of DOOM!!!!! Yes, DOOM I said!

I was thrilled for a couple of reasons - one because...well.. how wicked cool is that parsnip? Plus this means all my work to improve my bad soil is working. These root veggies are actually growing down thru what was hardpan. It gives me a lot of hope and inspiration to keep on trudging up there with trolly-load after trolly-load of chicken litter and other assorted poop and compost.

I also found this happy face...

Lucky loves to "help" me garden - actually he just loves the dirt. Both Dog#1 and #2 love freshly tilled dirt - so much so that I have a command "Get out of my Dirt!" and they know go get out of the dirt and get their huge paws onto grass.

But this happy dog snuck in behind me and rolled all around in my fresh dirt and got it all over his face.

Some folks have been asking why Lucky hasn't been featured much on the blog or in our Adventure Tails. It's because he's been having some health problems so pretty much he's on light duty. He's been appointed Master of the House and spends a lot of time holding down his dog bed. But that makes him happy so it's OK. The vet will implement a treatment plan for him and he'll be just fine. Yesterday he just loved being in the upper garden and rolling all around.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Have you found any garden treasures?


Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

That is a parsnip of doom! Good eatin' though. It should be extra sweet after being in the ground all winter.

Amanda said...

I never understood how dogs can get dirt and grass and stuff all inside their mouth and act like it's not even there. Like it's normal to have a mud-encrusted tongue and it tastes just fine. What weirdos! Dogs are fun though, it must be nice having them around all the time.

Mark Willis said...

What a great Parsnip - in every sense! I hope mine will be that good. Maybe one day you'll find some buried treasure?? (We live in hope).

Big Onion said...

We find "treasures" all the time. And by treasures, I mean all the garbage the previous owners threw all over the damn field. I swear, if it was trash, they tossed it out either in the middle of the field or on the creek bank.

We've hauled four or five loads of scrap metal, half of which had to be dug out of the creek bank, and there's still a few appliances (fridge, stove, maybe a water heater?) that are so buried I'd need a backhoe to get them out.

The chickens are constantly finding dishes and cups, scratching and digging them up. A week ago when I was digging up some old electrical conduit I came across a buried extension cord and some old hardware cloth mounted to a metal frame (they used them as "windows" in the poultry house).

If anything, it's inspiration for me to make sure I pick up any tools or things we leave around. Haha.

MuddyValley said...

The last few days, all we can find in the garden is mud & a few weeds. I want to plant, but it hasn't dried out enough yet.

small farm girl said...

My St. Bernard love to roll in the garden too. It's going to be interesting this year.

Unknown said...

How exciting! I haven't found anything so exciting in my garden recently, although its nearly time to dig up the sweet potato and artichokes, so who know what I'll find! Does this mean you can grow root veges over winter??

Horst in Edmonton said...

Hi OFG, I have found that some of my flowers are starting to pop out of the snow. I still have a lot of snow in my little garden, but a corner has melted and showing my tulips and some other of my perennials. Hope the snow goes soon. It is raining here right now so maybe it will melt the snow faster.

David said...

He sure looks happy.. Good Dog!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi Tonya! actually it was a little soft - so the hennies got it.

Amanda, yes. Dogs ARE weirdos!

hi Mark! alot of folks around here find Indian arrow heads and such. nothing like that here tho. i'll keep digging!

Anthony - i KNOW what is with that? there is actually a car in the back of our property in a ravine! and we have The Glass Pile of Terror to deal with...shesh!

hey Muddy! Good to see you here - I saw you over at Budd's place. We wish we could get some rain. Hopefully today.

SFG, big dogs love to stomp on stuff. their aim is incredible..

hi Liz! i think this was a fluke... some times we get well below zero but not this year.

hi Horst! we go from frozen and snow to hot in a flash. last week this time i was bundled up and last nite we had the air conditioning on. for heavens sakes.

hey Dave! yep, Lucky is almost always happy. he's really good natured and easy going.

Tonia said...

This is cool!

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