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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Two... no... THREE!!!

You'll remember yesterday I was gonna get Nibs set up in Le Grand Palais - her swanky suite in the Turkey House  - to give her a break from Dahli and Deb in preparation for her April 6 due date.....

Guess what happened yesterday?

Talk about just in the nick of time. Nibbles was acting kind of weird yesterday afternoon and making funny noises. So me and the dog hurried up and got her bucket set up and a fresh layer of straw down in the newly cleaned out and rat free Turkey House coop. But when we went to get her, Nibs didn't want to get up. We drug her kicking and screaming and raced her right over there. A few minutes later and we wouldn't have made it.

My Good Shepherd looks on - he always takes care of me.

Of course nothing goes like it's supposed to around here - so there I was alone with Nibs about to pop. Well, I wasn't alone - I had the chip on my shoulder and the dog with me. He gave me encouraging, if not slightly worried looks. I patted Nibbles as reassuringly as I could knowing The Good Neighbor Mom was racing home.

Comparatively these are huge babies! How cute are they?

Then everything got whoozy and I woke up later with Dog#1 licking my face and Nibbles licking two perfect little buckings. One with enormous ears and one splashy kid with tiny little La Mancha ears.

 Are these ears hilarious or what?

About that time the Good Neighbor Mom got there and after a while we decided that Nibs was done and all was well. The only thing to do was go in the house and drink. So I did.

This splashy little kid has tiny La Mancha ears - adorable!

Later, after laying on the floor in the house with the dogs for a while, and reciting about 1,000 reasons why dogs are better than goats, I figured I should go out there and see how Nibs and the two were doing. What a surprise for me!

What was that!?!?

Baby Trey or Sneaky Pete - came out of no where. What a surprise!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with..... Tres... I mean.. Trey. Or however you want to say "three."  I actually suggested the name "Trey" to some folks for their surprise third real baby - they didn't think it was funny. Come to think of it, they didn't take my other suggestion which was Vlad the Impaler either.... in fact they asked me to stop suggesting names for their children altogether. Anyway.

So there you have it. While I was out there laying in the straw it occurred to me that I need to get my act together - our milking season has begun! So today will be about getting our milking area into tip top shape and making sure Nibs stays calm and takes care of the babies as long as she will. You'll recall she normally gets an F- in being a mommy. Oh, and I'd better get my cheese making supplies ready. This is gonna be a bang up year for home made goat cheese!

Happy Thursday everyone! Anyone else have some surprise babies!?!


Unknown said...

We had our much anticipated calf arrive the other morning. It was a bit of a surprise, we saw the cow was in labour first thing in the morning and after breakfast there was already a calf on the ground, all licked clean and ready to stand up. He's doing really well now that mumma cow realised she has to let him suck on her teats (must be confusing at first, just standing the paddock on day and suddenly you are responsible for a calf!). We milked her on day 2 and she was very good. Looking forward to lots of cheese making!

David said...

Wow congrats! The kids are cute!

Cat Eye Cottage said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! Congratulations. Fresh bacon AND goat's milk. You're killing me!

Diana said...

What a sweet surprise! I think it was Chickens in the Road that had a goat that tried to kill her babies the first time round and then was a (grudgingly) ok mommy next time.... so she may yet evade the dreaded pink slip!

Traci Sumner said...

I told you the darn goats can't count this year!

You'll like this: started 4 types of bacon last night (14+ pounds of glorious porkiness!) 1. brown sugar 2. maple syrup with the neighbor's maple syrup 3. brown sugar with fresh cracked peppercorn 4. apple cinnamon brown sugar

Smoking them up on Sunday. Bringing two of the biggest hocks I've ever seen today and tomorrow - smoking them Friday and then having hocks and homemade sauerkraut on Saturday either with "pumpkin patch noodles" - homemade squash gnocchi or with onion and cheese spaetzel.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Fantastic, 3 baby goats in one shot, now that's awesome. Hope all your babies stay healthy and grow strong.

Chai Chai said...

"Sneaky Pete" or "Trey"? Come to think of it since they are all buck "Vlad the Impaler" might work too!

Weekend Cowgirl said...

All three are wonderful! When we had sheep I used to have surprises all the time! I only have male goats so no babies...

Unknown said...

Aw how cute! Did you faint? That would be scary...

Ohiofarmgirl said...

yay Liz! i've been following her progress - glad you got her milked!

Thanks Dave, they are a scream.

Hi WEHomesteader - yep I love having our own food. Add our eggs and you have an amazing breakfast. Yay!

Diana, I was so shocked by#3 I literally ran back in the house! ha!

Traci, I'm SOOOOOOO proud of you! And so excited - great work!!!

Thanks Horst! I'm working on finding them homes. Nibs isnt a very good mommy.

CC - Vlad the Impaler is the perfect name for a buck, dont you think? tee hee hee hee

Thanks WCG! Arent they just a hoot!?

Nancy - the whole thing was a blur. Good thing Nibs does all the work. ha!

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