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Friday, December 27, 2013

A Message from Little Mo

Hi. Dis is Little Mo. My momma went back to sleep and she said dat I should write dis post.

Me, Little Mo. The Notorious Mo-Zee.

My momma says thanks for all the fun wishes yesterday for her birthday. She ate all the cake and says that now she has "the diabeetus." I think she had too much of her special medicine too.

Here is a funny picture....

Dat big white doggie was trying to put his big nose in the cake and momma's med'cine.

My momma should be over "the diabeetus" tomorrow and will write her own post then. Now I am going to find my friend Nicholas and we are going to lay in the sunny spot on the dog bed.

Your friend,
Little Mo


Unknown said...

Cracked me up!

Amanda said...

Hey Mo,

Can you wish your momma a belated very happy birthday for me? Don't forget to ask for a pat on the head too. (For you, not me.)


Unknown said...

Hmmm... what kind of "med'cine" is that?? LOL

Unknown said...

Thanks for the update Little Mo!

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