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Monday, December 30, 2013

Here he is.... Tommy

So we got another buck. I'm sure you're saying to yourself, "But OFG, why why WHY are you doing this... again?"  Well. A lot of reasons. Mostly on account of that crazy hair. Check it out. His name is Tommy.

Can't decide if it will be Tommy Lee or Tommy Two Tone

I had to drive a pretty good clip to go and get him but wow he was one sweet deal. He cost me a bucketload but I understand he is going to be worth it. See how flashy he is? I'll get some better pictures tomorrow. I got home very late and just in time to do very fast chores.

Of course I had to show him to the dogs first. They were amazed. Zander gave him a good woofing and Kai went all "wolf" on him. Oh yeah... she can spot big hunks of meat from a distance. She got in her hunting stance and was ready to hurl herself at him the second she got the chance. Dogs#1 and #2 were not impressed. But I was impressed later when I asked #1 where "the new goat was" and he ran directly to the Turkey House where Tommy was shacking up with Daisy and Darla.

After the dogs gave him a good sniffing - and Zander peed in his general direction - I hauled Tommy out of my truck and drug him over to check out the ladies. All the goats ran right over to the fence to see the fresh meat. They were amazed - but not like the dogs. More like a bunch of teenage girls. I didn't want to take a chance of penning him up with Dahli and Debbie so he bunked with the younger ladies. Today (Monday) I'll throw them all together and see what happens.

I'm absolutely, positively sure that I don't have any idea if Debbie and Dahli are bred. Sure we drove all over the state for them to go on a date with that huge Nubian buck.... but aside from being cranky they are not showing any signs of pregnancy. We'll see if Tommy makes them go all gaagaa.

If you are wondering how I drive goats around - this is how we get 'er done. Nibbles can comfortably fit in this, our biggest dog carrier. For the record our biggest dog carrier isn't big enough for our smallest dog so we use it for goats. Debbie and Dahli have to ride in the back of my husband's truck (it has a cap). Using a carrier like this works really well especially if you are driving alone. I like having car-riding goats contained in case they get a wild hair and end up in the front seat with me. 

Fair warning tho... this is one stinky ride. I made the mistake of turning on the heat - my eyes were watering from his stinky buck smell. Blech! But Tommy did great on the trip. He just laid himself down and sang along to the radio with me.

We'll see what happens. And what happens to Tommy... he might end up staying. All y'all can keep your 'told ya so's' to yourself. I said he MIGHT stay. We'll see. Harumph.

Happy Monday everyone - did you have a goat in your truck this weekend?


Kaela said...

Just send him down here when you're done with 'im. We got a couple of do nuthin ladies that need to start earning their keep!

Vera said...

Hope he does the job, and looking forward to hearing about how you get on with him.

Cat Eye Cottage said...

Tommy Two Tone, like totally for sure! Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to? You give me somehting I can hold onto.

I dig his hair.

Wildcard said...

Ha! He might stay, huh?

Damummis said...

Is he not the cutest? *swoons*

Unknown said...

What a cutie!

collieguy said...

You're never the same after having lived with goats. Once drove halfway across Iowa in an old VW with four kids in a cardboard TV box taking up all the right seat and a fair share of the gear shift's natural habitat. Several years of misadventure and general hilarity ensued.

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