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Monday, December 23, 2013

Another Nice Day for Ducks

Did everyone survive that extremely weird storm over last couple of days? It hit us during the night - fortunately no damage but what a odd weather pattern!  We had a hellacious amount of rain and lost power for part of the night. Then yesterday the high temperature was 68*.... I had all the windows open and was in shorts.

The ducks loved it. They spent most of the day goofing around in the drainage ditch we worked on a couple years ago. All the water from the hill now runs into the drainage ditches and not into our house. Even tho the ditches were backfilled with gravel we still get a good stream going in the gully when we have a big rain. The ducks think it's the best thing ever.

I even dug them a few deeper holes so they could really splash around. This also helps direct the water into the drainage tile (that black bendy pipe stuff)... so it wasn't just or them. But it sure made them happy. 

Our ditch project was one of the more difficult projects we have done - mostly because it was so much work. However, we are extremely glad that we don't have all that water in our basement. So I'm giving it an A+ for sure.

Today we are back to winter. I had to get up, close the windows, and find my heavy jacket this morning. When we went outside there was some kind of frozen particulate matter falling from the sky.... and tomorrow we will be in the deep freeze.

Happy Monday everyone! Did you have a nice day for ducks?

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