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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

We're gonna need a bigger bucket... part 2

If you are using 'the google' to search for that cute commercial of the elf gal saying "We're gonna need a bigger bucket" - my apologies.... but you have the wrong number. You might want to just keep on searching for that commercial. If I may, the commercial you should be searching for is this one, not the elf one. But have a good day! Move along now... nothing to see here. For the record I had an Audi once and it was a beautiful car so you should buy one.

Non-farm people... just concentrate on this picture. Don't scroll down.

Friends, this blog shows up in weird search results. Right now I'm getting a bunch of hits from an offhand post title I made a couple years ago. Honestly it wasn't a cultural reference, we literally needed a bigger milking bucket for that superstar milker we had for the summer.

This is what they are seeing instead. Non-farm people, that is a bucket busting goat udder.

All those poor saps are looking for a commercial but they are seeing this post instead. And yes, I'm laughing a lot... I can just see all those city slickers spitting out their Jamba Juices and Mocha Caramel Peppermint frappes all over their phones or laptops when they behold the glory that is Sunny's big ol' udder. It was, in fact, udderly fabulous.

Now stranger, or friend,  if you need some eyewash or brain bleach how's about if you take a look at this. It's just lovely. My wish for you today is that you let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Be careful of what you search and click on!


Patty@inStitches said...

Our milk cow "Tink" used to look like that at milking time! She gave nearly 4 gallons twice a day, and heaven help you if you were late getting there!-D

Unknown said...

Holy goats, that's a LOT of milk, ow!

buddeshepherd said...

Did I mention that it is really warm in Florida right now? White sand beaches. A Waffle House, a Tasty Freeze, a Liquor Store, an understanding daughter. Have no idea how we will survive the rest of the winter back home but who says we have to go home. We own very little of value. Only thing I think I would really miss is my Grandma's rocking chair.
Would be better if I had a job, but jobs are highly over rated, plus we could get Obamacare, being homeless in Florida would probably not be that bad. I'm sure there are shelters here... Hard to blog I suppose. Could live a month of of selling this MacBook Pro...

Vera said...

What an udder! The udders of our goats are nowhere near as big as this goat of yours, in fact all the combined udders of our girls would still not be as big! She must take an age to milk!

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