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Friday, January 10, 2014

Creepy Meat Wagon... of DOOM!

Yesterday, Thursday, I completed probably the most hilarious project to date. I trolleyed the meat chickens from their former home in the garage across the yard and into their new spot in the turkey house. It was extremely funny.

The meats were shocked. Shocked I tell you.

Normally when we move the meat chickens we transport them in buckets... because they are young and small. However, this winter's creepy meats are more chicken sized and one alone would fill a bucket. There was no conceivable way, I determined, to herd the meats all the way across the yard. And I wasn't going to carry one meat at a time. So I had to get creative.

Enter the garden trolley. It's one of my favorite things. Originally christened the "Bacon Wagon of DOOM" by Chai Chai it soon became the Creepy Meat Wagon... of, you know, ... Doom. It was awesome.

My Dog#1 thought it was amazing.

At first the meats eyed my trolley with suspicion. Then they freaked out. Then they thought it was pretty good. They were ridin' high and enjoying the scenery.

You have to see this footage of the meats rollin' along!

Pretty soon we got over to the turkey house. When we rolled down the slight incline they all hunkered down like they were on some kind of creepy meat roller coaster. Only one of them put their wings up in defiance... however, upon closer inspection I saw that it was only because he kind of got tangled up in the piece of hog panel I used as a top to keep them all in the wagon.

Once they found the food they didn't care about their new space.

I popped each one out and into one side of the turkey house. They were astounded. Then they found the food and could not have cared less where they were. Until I brought out a water bucket. Then they went back to being astounded and had a big discussion about it. It was their first real bucket.

Action shots of the meat creepin' around their new spot.

With the first batch settled I gathered and trolleyed the rest of the meats over - with my #1 Dog's help. He kept them in line and generally danced around at all the excitement.

It was quite a day here draggin' around my creepy meat in the Doom Wagon.

Happy Friday everyone - do you have a Creepy Meat Wagon of Doom?


David said...


Lynda said...

I moved my meat chickens around our pasture with a double baby stroller! My husband thought I was a nut-job...but it worked!

buddeshepherd said...

Meat Wagon of Doom has to be the best title yet!
My neighbor has these wonderful tame cows. They come to the fence and to have their heads scratched. They quietly chew their cuds and watch everything that goes on at his shop. Occasionally they will greet you will with a contented moo.
Then he kills them and eats them.
I'm eating one of them myself.
Somehow it really seems wrong.
Much worse than the Chicken death car.

matt7102 said...

Mmmmm now that's a freezer load of goodness!

NO chance of bacon, but cudos to you!


Anton said...

Love it! Transporting poultry around is one of the biggest pains--any cool ideas to make moving them around easier (like this one!) is great, thanks!!

Unknown said...

How funny! What breed are they?

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