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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I found my old hen!

I can now safely say that we all made it! Take THAT you stupid polar vortex and get the heck out out out! I have had it. Ugh!

Smell ya later, polar vortex! Why don't you make some tracks and leave!

The best news is that after being missing all day I found my old hen - she was not there this morning and I was afraid that she didn't make it on our last horribly cold nite. But when I went out for chores I looked in one last spot...and there she was! She was kind of trapped under something in the garage.

She is a completely useless, lame, rickety, somewhat featherless, old bitty but I just love her.

So now that she is freed, fed, and happy I can finally relax knowing that we all made it. We didn't have any losses. These last several days have been really tough. Chores were hard, it was exhausting being outside, the house was difficult to heat, the dogs were bored, and the wind was relentless...but we made it.

Tomorrow it should be above freezing and I think I'll work outside the whole time.

Just like me - the barnyard hated being cooped up. The hens flew out of the chicken house, the ducks headed for the sunshine, and the geese generally tromped around screaming at everything and pooping on every surface.

The goats were glad to get outside too. But more on that later...

For now everyone can finally exhale and relax. We conquered the Evil Polar Vortex of DOOM!

Happy I-don't-even-know-what-day-it-is, everyone! Did you survive? Everyone OK?


buddeshepherd said...

I came home from Florida. Wonder how long I can go without going back on Vitamin D...

MT Dreamer said...

So glad you all made it through the vortex!

Vera said...

Glad you got through alright. I did think of you battling away with the cold and it made me count my blessings in that the weather is unseasonably warm (16C) during the day. Hope you enjoy your day out in the fresh air tomorrow.

Unknown said...

This just popped in my head since you said "old hen". Besides the ones you have a soft spot for are you planning on stewing the ones that get to old to lay much? I have too many and I gotta make a decision.... oh no!

Fresh Eggs Farm said...

We're all alive here at Fresh Egg's Farm! Cold, but alive. I agree that the chore work was hard. When you walk out of your house and instantly begin to freeze - it's kinda a nightmare. But we got everyone food and water and hay as needed. Hoping that we continue to warm up. Rumor is close to 50 degrees on Saturday!?!?!?!
I'm glad you found your hen!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

welcome home Budd, hope you survive that VitD deficiency. now where's the pix of corn?

thanks MTD! did you folks do ok? did you get the big chill?

hi Vera, and thanks. what an ordeal! you wont get this cold will you?

hi LindaDL! we have some old biddies that we are attached too.. but our plan is to cull some of the older hens. right now we do a bad job of it only because we are so busy. i know folks who cull at 2 years without exception and that is just fine. and i know folks who let all the old hens just live out their comfortable days pecking around - and that is also just fine. now roosters on the other hand.. as we say, "when you start to crow, you got to go."

hey FEF! glad you are ok - we should all be much better off over the next few days. 50*!! i hope!

Stevie said...

Everyone's outside enjoying the chilly sunshine. But the goats' escape will be short lived. With 60 degrees on Saturday I expect lots of mud and my goats. do. not. do. mud. ;) Stevie @ ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com

Weekend Cowgirl said...

We have been extra cold here and it has been hard on all the animals. 78 one day and 18 the next. Very hard for them to adjust. We are all ready for it to warm up soon!!! I need SUN and warm.

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