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Monday, January 6, 2014

It was so cold the interweb froze!

I'm not sure why I was surprised when our internet gave out earlier today - we are holding steady at a -6* with a -27* windchill. Zoikes! It was so cold the internet froze!

Me and the dog on the ice planet, Hoth.

Actually I don't know why we lost service but it's back on. Hopefully it will stay on but if not - we are just fine. In fact we are doing great. Everyone is tucked in and we are by the fire.

Tonite will be our hardest, coldest night but hopefully we'll be on the upswing by Wednesday.

For everyone in the polar vortex - stay strong, stay warm. Come on over to 'the facebook' where we've been comparing windchills all day. So far C. in Minnesota is winning. And we all have pretty hard feelings for the folks in Cali - you know of whom I speak....

For the folks in the south who've never seen this kind of thing.... be very careful this kind of extreme cold. Believe me, is nothing to fool around with. Check out ready.gov's checklist of do's and don'ts for yourself and your home. Keep your chickens in, keep your faucets dripping, and keep an emergency kit in your car (hat, gloves, boots, heavy jacket, blanket, etc.). Don't think just because there are not high winds that you won't lose power so be vigilant and stay ahead of the cold. 

Everyone in our barnyard is doing just fine. But technically they are not in the barnyard but they are all in houses and coops - tightly buttoned up and double stacked. It's amazing how the animals know that this is a bad situation and when they would normally be killing each other... well.. right now it's all the Peaceable Kingdom. Give it a couple days and they will be back to fighting and carrying on, I'm sure.

Stoke the fires and pile on the cats - it's looking to be a four dog night for sure!

Stay warm everyone!


MuddyValley said...

Mine was out yesterday for most of the day. Not sure why as it's not that cold here.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Our internet messed up from cold several days ago. I don't know what fails but they fixed it and it is a lot colder now and it still works.
It is really cold and windy here now, not often that it feels cold inside like this.

DreamingOfChickens said...

About the animals NOT trying to kill each other during hard times: We have a wildlife refuge in south Louisiana called Global Wildlife. During Hurricane Katrina all of the animals, most of them don't like each other very much, all gathered on the one high spot on the property, which is a small hill. They all huddled together, big animals on the outside, little guys on the inside, and they survived together.

Oh, and it's 27* in New Orleans today. I'm sure that makes you giggle a little bit, but for us, that's cold. Dang cold! LOL Stay Warm OFG!!

Amanda said...

Hi, I don't have facebook but I thought I'd share that it reached -24 here on Monday and the windchill was double that. Let's just say a lot of vehicles didn't start that day, mine included.

My boyfriend was recently on a work trip in California, he said it was 60 degrees there! He went to the BEACH. Ugh.

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