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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sap is running.....

No time to talk! The sap is running... and I gotta go catch it!

I don't have a good pic of the sap today. So here are Kai and Zander, The Shining Light of the Realm and The Black Death.  We'll finish up our story of the Lands of Ice and Snow tomorrow - stay tuned!

What a thrill! For the next week (at least) it's going to be freezing and night and in the 40*'s and 50* during the day. I can't wait to bring up the sap buckets and start cooking it down. We had one issue yesterday - one of the bags we set up fell off the tree! Drat. We lost some sap but thankfully (??!!) most of it was still frozen solid. I'll be keeping an eye on that today. We couldn't tell why it fell off the tree - we might not have set up the handle correctly.

The best part... I get to finally be outside. The Winter That Won't End looks to be winding down. I'm ready for a big rain and for spring to start!

Happy Thursday everyone - do you have your trees tapped? Do you have enormous dogs in your living room?

1 comment:

Vera said...

We don't have any sap here to take, and our two rottweiller girls are out by the bathroom, in their beds, and asleep. They have been in naughty mood today and I was glad to get them to bed so I could have some peace!

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