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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Self Magazine Swings for the Cruelty Fences...

Look out! I have a bee right in my bonnet. If you haven't already seen this story then give a click. We might have actually seen the lowest of the lows.

Self magazine is supposed to be one of those fitness magazines that is allegedly about "being fit, strong and active means feeling great, being happy and looking your most beautiful."

Unless you end up on their lame list.

This gal, Monika, was contacted by the magazine and asked if they could use her picture? Sure! How fun would that be, right? No. They used the pic to make fun of her, and others, for dressing up in  costumes for their runs. It's a thing - Glam Runners - they make fun outfits for runners because why not? And they use some of the money for their non-profit, Girls on the Run, which helps young girls get train and prepare for a 5K run.

So Monika is thinking that the magazine is going to do a fun piece on her and her program. Yay!

Not. They put the picture under their "BS Meter" proclaiming what's lame and what is not. And they really swung for the cruelty fences when they said the outfits would make people "run away from you."

We aren't even to the worst part....

The reason Monika and her friend were in their fun superhero costumes - other than why not and they are fun? Monika was in the middle of chemo for her brain cancer. The back of her shirt read something like, "Chemo powered" and her friend's number reads, "Die tumor die." She was just trying to find some positivity in a bad situation.

Oh sure, Self ran right out and gave a "lame" apology - and I'm sure they meant every word of it. I hope they make good on their promise to donate to the Girls on the Run program. But let's back up the truck here.

Why would a magazine make fun of anyone? Ever?

You know I'm always shocked when adult people don't have anything else to do but make fun of someone else. Especially if they are in the public eye. And in this case, supposed to be encouraging people to be fit and happy.

And it's not like this was just some ill-advised tweet accidentally sent out by an intern that they can take back. Think of how many people are involved in getting a magazine published and no one - NO ONE - said, 'you know.. that's a crappy thing to do.' No one?

There is a phenomena that probably most of us have seen. You know when the gym teacher makes fun of the dorky kid and everyone joins in... not because they think that kid deserves it but because they themselves don't want to be the object of ridicule? Don't think that's just a school thing or a kid thing. It's disgusting and it's worse when adults do it.

Think about it - if a beautiful girl, who is doing good in this world, who has cancer is being mad fun of publicly. For heavens sakes - what chance do the rest of us have?

I'm pretty sure I look like a basset hound when I run and now I gotta be wondering that a fitness magazine is gonna call me up, ask to use my picture, then find out they just wanted to make fun of me?

Can you imagine what it must have been like for Monika? She probably called all her friends and family and got extra copies and was all, "Yay, this is going to be so great!" So she runs right home, opens the mag, and finds out they just used her. They made fun of her. For everyone to see.

A beautiful girl, who is doing good in the world, who has cancer.

I'm not sure it gets any worse than that.

So what do you do? Shine a light on their darkness. Don't let them get away with it. Don't be the person that stands by and says, "gosh I hope someone does something" or worse - don't pitch in with them. I'm writing this post and I shared the story on my facebook page because I think it's important not to just stand by. I also left a comment on Self's fb page - and you are welcome to tell them what you think.

For their part, Self published a real interview with Monika..and it looks like they will stop their lame list. I hope they do more than just this.  

The upside is that the story is getting out and I hope that these gals raise a ton of money for their program. I hope they sell out of their fun runnin' tutus. I hope more people find their joy and give a glad shout to drown out the haters in this world. I hope the next time you see someone expressing their happiness you think, "good for them." I hope the next time a mean person makes fun of someone you are the one that says, "wow that's wrong and shame on you."

Life is too short to be so hateful, friends. Get out there and find your happy. And if you feel like it, run a 5K in a tutu and the good folks of the world will just say, "Good for you!"

Happy Saturday everyone!


MT Dreamer said...

I think I need to get me one of those tutus. I don't run but it would be fun to wear just to show support. I could wear it when I garden and just smile and wave at my "fancy" neighbor when she scoffs at me. LOL! Thanks for sharing that OFG!

Unknown said...

Amen, that's just so sad and stupid. Self should maybe re-named self-ish. How lame indeed...

CallieK said...

Last year in Canada we watched as a Brit by the name of Jamie MacDonald ran from St John's to Vancouver, over 5000 miles across the country, raising money for Sick Kid's hospitals. It took him almost a year and he did the whole trip dressed in a 'Flash' superhero costume! I think Self magazine should do a story on him, and other selfless people who run for real issues, not fashion.

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