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Friday, January 16, 2015

10 things to do now while you are waiting for summer

If you are like me then you are starting to stalk around like a caged tiger and cursing the cold weather. But we are starting to see a light at the end of this bleak tunnel.... this week our weather will moderate and we might even get up into the 40*'s this weekend. Unlike what Stringer Bell thinks (see note), I have a lot to say about a 40* day right now. All of it glorious because I just want to get outside.  40* sounds like a dream.

Remember when it was summer and everyone was happy?

It's time to start getting ready for the growing season. Here are 10 things to do now while we are all waiting for summer:

1. Start planning your garden. Now is a great time to read up on how to get your garden going - grab some books and start envisioning your growing space. There are a lot of online tools out there but garden planning is a great excuse to get out there and walk around.

2. If you can, start working on hardscaping. Meaning.. do you need to start building pathways? Can you get a load of gravel or start shoveling wood chips? Maybe stake out some fencing?

3. We can't start seeds inside due to cats *points at the Insane Cat Posse* but I'll be able to start working in my greenhouse soon. You too can build a hoop house: Step One. Step Two. Step Three. Step Four.

4.  Start dreaming of your potato empire.... this is one of my popular posts and includes a link to one of my favorite gardening books.

5. Get your jars organized. My canning jars are everywhere. How are your canned goods? Have you taken an inventory to see what is left? We are just about at the half way point... so get those jars cleaned up, in boxes, and ready for action. You can also do canning projects like canning dried beans. Do you need canning tools? Keep an eye on the prices and look for sales.

6. Get your tools in order and get what you need.. especially some good gardening gloves.

7. Work on learning a new skill. I'm really enjoying trying out Thai food recipes. I'm on a mission to make the perfect pad see ew... I'm getting closer. The other day I made it back into town and got more sauces and such - and Thai take out... you know.. for science. What do you need to learn to do? Make a quiche? Lean to knit? Carpentry? Get up off the couch and start working on it.

8. Start trimming your fruit trees. I'll be working on this in the next couple of weeks.

9. Are you going to get started with livestock? Start reading up on how others are doing it like this great series by Farmer Liz on how to get started with chickens.

10. Don't forget to rest up. I have a feeling this is going to be a fantastic summer - so there is nothing wrong with getting a little R & R now.... it will be nothing but action and adventure when that first perfect day hits. Come on, summer!!!

Happy Friday everyone - are you getting ready for summer?

Note: Are you a fan of The Wire? Then you know about 40* days... if not, don't even think about clicking on this link if you are at work or around kids. Warning: language..I am not kidding.


Amanda said...

All I've ever done to get ready for warm weather is eat. But I MIGHT try doing a community garden plot this year. Kinda seems like it's about time, just not sure how big of a commitment it will be. I'll be pretty darn active this summer.

Your number 10 though, I have been super excited since beginning of December about 2015, particularly the summer months. I have the same feeling that it's going to be spectacular!!!

buddeshepherd said...

I like to start my morning by encouraging my child fetch a load of wood. So I can build up the fire.
Then I get my wife to bring me a cup of coffee while I make sure the rocking chair is working properly.
After a respectable amount of time I hint that eggs would be great and that the daughter needs nourishment for her day at school.
Then I bustle around talking about paying bills and all the work I needed to do.
This covers up my trip to the back room to spike my to go cup with a generous dose of Four Roses.
Then I retire to the farm shop as Jose comes by to drink coffee at 8 a.m. every morning.
Next I make a list of things I plan on doing. I like to leave this in my coverall pockets so my wife things I have goals.
I then retrieve the bottle of Fighting Cock bourbon from under the seat of the combine and pretend to grind feed.
Sometimes I follow up by setting in the shop near a Wifi network and watching Dr. Who or South Park on my cell phone.
When summer arrives and noting is done I will blame my little helper for not working.
It is a great plan.

Unknown said...

I actually love the no garden work this time of year. No mowing, weeds, watering. It's a lot for work in the summer with the high heat. Everything is brown here and wishing for snow, much prettier! Got my 1st seed catalog so that's nice! Planning a big veggie garden in the front yard for this spring though!

Vera said...

We haven't made any plans to get through winter because we have been too busy to make them! I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be one those years during which we never catch up with ourselves!

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