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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snow Day!

It's here. The snow. No one is happy but the dogs.... Zander and Kai love the cold weather. It's tough to get them to come in. So we did a lot of doggin' around this morning to get all their wiggles out. They loved it.

My snow face, Zander, loves the cold. Remember when he was a baby snow face?

My beautiful Kai is made for the Land of Snow and Ice.

Me? I have the snow grumbles. The only thing that made me happy today was ham.

What's in your skillet? That empty space next to the ham n biscuits was for the egg.

It all came together in a lovely ham and egg biscuit. 

Today the plan is sloth and fire...and grumbling about the snow. Probably more ham and bacon, too.

Happy First Snow Day of 2015 everyone! Are you snow grumbling?


Unknown said...

Z has such a great face!!! :)

Unknown said...

I miss Ohio snow days! I'm down in TX and it was 65 degrees yesterday. I have no good excuse for sloth or fire-

Vera said...

No snow here, but plenty in the near by Pyrenees mountains. Quite envy you a dozy day in front of the fire!

Weekend Cowgirl said...

I wish it would snow hard here so I could get some pretty snow photos, but that will most likely not happen! My animals are probably very happy for it not to snow!!!!

edh said...

They are, indeed, the most beautiful of snow dogs. I do actually envy you the snow cover; it's -9* here, and only a half inch on the ground for insulation. I can hear all the roots dying as we speak. I don't mind bitter cold with snow, but everything frozen hard as iron with no cover- don't like that at all!

David said...

holy moly that's a face!

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