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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Limpy the Chicken Gets A Fake Leg

Last nite my husband and I watched a news story about a woman in Massachusetts who is paying $2500 for a lame chicken to get a 3D printed prosthetic leg. We were eating roast rooster while we were watching. We didn't even feel bad.

Let's say this up front, I'm always glad when someone is so tenderhearted that they go above and beyond for animals they love. Thank heaven that the woman in the story has so much love in her heart. Right?

It is also a fact that Zander's jaw dropping dental surgery was extremely expensive...and I don't even think I ever told you about Nicholas's $800 tail.... and it is a fact that we get a special rate from our vet because of all the business we bring to them from whatever weird thing our Dog Horde or The Insane Cat Posse has come up with. So we get it. Really.

Usually I don't make fun of people. But this was the exception.We had a lot of hilarity over this on the facebook.... a lot of hilarity. One of my pals suggested "some duct tape and a Popsicle stick" while another had a bag of frozen chicken legs in their freezer and maybe they could do a transplant.

For our part we couldn't stop laughing. If we ever actually went out and spent all that money on Clucky to get a fake leg it is virtually guaranteed that the next day - the very next day - we'd go out there and Clucky would be hanging out of Kai's mouth while Dog#1 and Zander played 'keep-away' with that expensive fake leg as Lucky ran around and circles exclaiming, 'Oh I can't believe it!'

$2500 would buy a lot of new chickens is all we are saying. We would never spend that kind of money on livestock - especially a $2 chicken.

It's a crazy world, folks, someone oughta sell tickets.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Unknown said...

For me, not having that kind of $$$ to throw around, I'd make something DIY-er to fix that bird up. Or off to somewhere else. Send that money to the local food back, a vet's center, etc...

lovenati said...

Chickens are delicious

Kalie @ Pretend to Be Poor said...

Hi, I know I haven't commented before but I've been reading for a while and your posts are great and always make me laugh. I recently nominated you for a Liebster award, a gesture of goodwill passed between bloggers. There's nothing to actually win, it's just a way of saying, "Nice blog!" and you can answer some light-hearted questions and nominate another blogger if you want. You can see my post on it here: http://pretendtobepoor.com/liebster/

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