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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy Gotcha Day, Big Bub!

Today is Zander's "Gotcha" Day - it's the anniversary of when we brought him home. His birthday is in Sept but the party really started when we got to bring him home.

The Dread Commander Zander.

How do I love my Zander? Let me count the ways... well. There are too many to mention but we really love our big Bubby.  He is an absolute joy and an indispensable member of our Dog Horde. He puts the heft in the Brute Squad but to us he's nothing but our loving boy.

My favorite picture of me and Bubby.

Zander's favorite thing is... us. He loves to be part of the group and just wants to be around us where ever we are. He also really really loves his sister, Kai. BearKillers naturally like to be paired up and the bond between Zander and Kai is very very strong. They don't like to be apart and get nervous when they are separated. We've actually have to work at getting them to work apart from each other. They are a terrific team, tho.

Zander has no worries.

Now that Zander is finally mature...that is, he finally grew out of his puppy-brain, he's even better than before. He's much more reliable, obedient, and trustworthy. I still wouldn't just let him out to run around in the yard with the chickens unsupervised, but he knows what we expect from him and he exceeds these expectations. Chase the chicken? Nah.... Run up on the barncat? Nope. "Leave it," "Drop it," and "That's mine" are all commands he follows without hesitation.

But there is still plenty of mischief. Zander loves to play 'hide n seek' - especially with my husband. We have always taught the Dog Horde the command "Find Momma/Daddy" which they all take very seriously. But Zander really loves to ham it up - he likes to sneak up on my husband especially when he comes home from work. The two of them chase each other around the truck until one or the other catches up. It's very very funny.

At a scale breaking 130lbs and our tallest dog we always expected Zander to over take Titan as the head honcho of the Dog Horde. But it hasn't happened yet. There are some ways Zander is the alpha of the pack but in the end he still defers to the "Old Man."

Zander is very bold and very brave. He runs right at intruders and new things. His night shaking bark is out shined only by his unfathomably deep growl. He is impressive. His reaction to danger is to run at it, then pee in it's general direction. Without breaking eye contact. Zander gets it done. For sure.

His full name may be The Dread Commander Zander Hannibal BoneCrusher. The FoeHammer. The Black Death. The Night Fears Him.... but to us we normally just call him Bubby. Why? Why not. It just came out one day. We think it fits him. Our Bubby is exceptionally good natured. He just takes everything in stride.

Zander is always happy.

Our Worst Day didn't even phase him. He just sat quietly the entire time.  His neuter did not go as planned. But Bubby didn't care. He shook it off and was back on his feet in no time. Zander's whole life has basically been a breeze and he goes free and easy down the road of life.

Sometimes he's a big goof.

Our big Bub, we love him so much!

Happy Zander Gotcha Day, everyone. Do you have a big Bubby? Is he the apple of your eye?


Heavens Door Acres said...

Wow! He sure has grown into his name. Aka: Bone Crusher. So beautiful, so intimidating. I am sure that HIS human pack could easily cuddle up with him. But let someone outside his realm try it, they are likely to pull back a bloody stump. Happy "Gotcha Day" Zander.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

THANKS, HDA! and yep he's our snuggle Bub. but he is wary of other people. well behaved but not interested at all. the UPS guy is terrified of him. ha! thank you!!!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous big guy :)

Unknown said...

Its funny how the alpha dog stays alpha even after the baby grows up bigger. We have a friend who had two little chihuahua cross dogs, very cute, very small, then he got a cattle dog pup (all males). The little ones were alpha and bossed the pup around. Now even though the cattle dog is now a full grown dog, he is still submissive to the little dogs, it is hilarious to see him put in his place by a funny little dog a quarter his size. Cheryl was alpha to Taz right to the end, even when she was blind....

Vera said...

Maz, our large female rottweiller, is the dog to be reckoned with here, while Blue, her sister, is the fun on. Blue herds the animals because she is more likely to follow commands. Maz is our guard dog. If she was allowed to herd the animals we are sure that there would be blood spilt. And let the two girls do anything together and you would have carnage because they wind each other up. Boolie, our springer spaniel, is top dog only because he is male, but he doesn't do anything except keep out of the way when action is needed because he is old now, although does not think so. Our team, so much part of us here the same as your canine team is so much part of your life where you are.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks, Nancy! We think he's a dreamboat!

Liz, we are always laughing about that also. the problem is that some of those folks think their "little big dog" is gonna be the boss of my guys.... that um... never works out very well.

Vera, I'm so proud of Blue and how well she is working with the animals! and glad to hear the Maz stands her ground. i love a big Rottie for sure. yay Boolie - just love those old guys.

Megan - i dont usually talk about the breed on purpose. but if you send me a pm on 'the facebook' or an email i'll tell you all about it.

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