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Monday, April 25, 2016

Potatoes peepin'!

I just love growing potatoes! Check it out....

Potatoes peeping up already.

These are the potatoes I planted on March 27th. I had these taters left over from last fall - I just kept them in the a basket in the basement. When the ground was ready I planted them. I love "free" potatoes. They should be ready about at the end of June  - just in time for potato salad season!

Happy Monday everyone - are you about ready to run right out there and get some work done? I am! Have a great day!


PJ said...

Spent this morning filling up some raised beds with soil and compost. Got a lot of plants to go in the ground but last night we had a frost so I better wait a little. I feel so behind at this time of the year. Going to spend the afternoon finishing a clean up of the flower beds. Don't even have potatoes planted yet.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

great work, PJ!!! remember that you can plant potatoes at just about anytime. i usually do 2 or 3 plantings thru the season. you arent behind at all. just do what you can. yay!

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