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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Holy tomatoes!

I love summer. I love every thing about summer. Today it's hot and I don't even care because it's summer and I love it. (Plus the humidity is lower so it's not so bad)   One thing I love about summer? Tomatoes.

How cool is this? Butterfly on a zinnia! What could be more summer like?

Remember when I was so excited about the tomato that was just about ripe? I ran right out there expecting to pick it the other day and found this!


Look at it!  You know who did it, right? Chickens that's who. I can tell you truly that someone is on their way to glory in a pot of noodles very very soon.

I was mad. Real mad. So mad that I was telling anyone who would listen about my tomato-lovin' chickens. Someone finally listened and they took pity on me. So they gave me this.....


How hilarious is a big ridiculous tomato of doom?  I think it might be the heirloom Gold Medal. I didn't pay attention when they told me what variety it was because I was so filled with tomato glee. They also gave me some perfect ones and a bucket of beautiful cherry tomatoes. I'm set now until my maters are ripe.

So I've been having a tomato-rrific day... despite those chickens and their tomato killing ways.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Do you have a big ridiculous tomato?


Anonymous said...

wow! that is one big tomato.

Vera said...

I insisted that we fenced the vegetable paddocks after the disappointment of seeing a lot of the green tomatoes eaten by the chickens. That was two years ago. To see a perfect tomato with just a nibble taken out of it by a chicken's beak..... it did make me cross!
We had a weird tomato off our vines recently, but your tomato is far more weirder than ours ever was!

PJ said...

Did you eat the whole thing?

Cottontailfarm said...

I just shared some pictures of my tomatoes I picked - so happy that tomato season is here! I hope you have some bacon left for sandwiches! Hey OFG - I need some advice - after I harvest the rest of the potato & onion patches I'll have a huge section of garden just sitting there. You're about in my area - what would you fill it with this late in the season?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey CTF! Run right out and plant... turnips. Yep. They are an incredible cover crop....and even better to eat! Mine will even over winter - they are fabulous after the first frost. They also improve the soil. You might even have time for some beans if you act fast. Or a second planting of taters. When it cools down you can start with lettuce again.
ps have been eating a LOT of BLT's! yay!

lizzybaxter said...

No, I do not have a big ridiculous tomato because I instead have big, ridiculous turkeys. Who, every time they see a ripening tomato, want to go take a peck at it. I think I let those darned turkeys get too big now, and I'm thinking if I try to cook one for Thanksgiving he will be tough. Ugh. I am happy for you and your tomatoes. Next year I have a new garden site picked out, and the foul fowl will not have access to it.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

if they are this year's/spring's turkey they are probably still good, Carol! or ... there is always the crock pot.

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