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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lettuce rejoice!

Let us rejoice! The lettuce is here!

This salad planter is the best. The red romaine is stunning!

No one is happier than me that the lettuce is back, baby. All those meals of bad, institutional lettuce is over and now the salad days are upon us.

Caesar? Sure!

So is the heat so I've been rushing to get everything watered and cooled off so it doesn't go to bolt. I've got some of my salad planters in the shade and within easy walking distance of the kitchen. I'll be working on a bigger bed soon.

I need to take up the broccoli - some of it has gone to flower.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Are you rejoicing over lettuce?


Onevikinggirl said...

Yes! We had one (1) tasteless leaf of sallad each yesterday and a handfull of gorgeous spicy rocket today. Home grown!

David said...

we're harvesting a head every two days, the mixed cut and come again are almost ready and I have to get arugula into the ground. Salad days indeed!

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