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Friday, June 12, 2015

Tilton Hollow - Save our Barn Project!

Hey everyone! Check it out - our friends over at Tilton Hollow Farm have a terrific project going on. They just set up a gofundme to fund the restoration and repair of their historic barn.

My pals, Jeff and Chad, and a few of their goat friends.

Jeff and Chad have a beautiful farm not too far from us. They have an amazing mix of animals living on a lovely property. They also have my dream-within-a-dream barn - the kind that I really wanted when we were looking for our property. We ended up with a stupid pole barn, but they got a prize.

The problem with old barns are... they are old and need repairs. Tilton Hollow's project is to get the barn fixed up not only for it's historic significance... but also to help grow their business.

Tilton Hollow has a terrific line of natural soaps and apothecary products. You'll remember they gave me a beautiful bucket of products that I just loved.  Restoring the barn and improving it so they can expand their dairy business will be a huge win for Tilton Hollow and also for the community.

Folks ask me why I haven't sold dairy products or made cheese available? Because getting the dairy license is expensive. The facility requirements are strict and it's a huge project to get set up. It's no small feat to get a license and this holds many farms back from getting small businesses going. So helping Tilton Hollow along their way is a big step for locally produced products.

I met Jeff before they got their farm. Then I watched them as their farm built itself up from nothing to the thriving, happy, hardworking farm that it is now. I really love these guys and am cheering them on this in project.

Are you excited about historic barns and locally produced products? Then give a click and give a few bucks to support their "Save Our Barn Project." Who knows, you could receive one of the great rewards they are offering.

Be sure to "like" them on facebook and follow along as they take their farm and their business to the next level!

Happy Friday everyone!

Note: If crowdfunding isn't your thing, that's fine - I'm clear on your position. But you have to check out this hilarious video that my friends B and N produced for them. The gobbling is legendary!

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