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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tropical Depression

We are soaked! Talk about the fire swamp - we've had several days of extremely high humidity and now the rain has come on. It's been so hot and steamy that Zander only lasted until 9am yesterday...then he was slumped against the door and was begging me to let him into the air conditioning.

Hey look! It's the first cherry tomato! A little muddy but just about ripe.

We'll be in this pattern for a while - a lot of instability and tons of moisture in the atmosphere. We needed some rain but not THIS much. It's just down right tropical out there - but without the ocean. It's kind of depressing.... it's a tropical depression.

To make it worse there is a real tropical storm sitting in the Gulf of Mexico... which will make it's way up the Ohio Valley. So nothing but rain rain rain and more rain.

The celery is doing great...and so are the weeds.

What does this mean? Forget any gardening. I tried weeding but only managed to make the mud worse. So we just have to wait it out. Meanwhile the weeds are really going to town out there.

We also can't do any tilling or planting. I'm glad I got another row of beans and also lettuce in the other day... because succession planting has ground to a halt.

The garden woes are nothing compared to what's going out in the barnyard. Talk about poop soup! It's all a big muddy mess. Everyone can get into their dry roosts and houses... it's just yucky for them. The goats also won't go out and graze so I'll probably have to buy more hay.

So what do you do if you are in the midst of a tropical depression? As always... the best you can. Use this inside time to get indoor projects done and get caught up. Get organized and ready for harvest.

Ready for canning? Get your tools ready and order any replacement parts.

You could always just sit around too..... We still love our Amazon Fire TV so much. Honestly I use it every day. Talk about a game changer! Unless it's the news I don't even bother watching "live" TV anymore. Appointment TV? Nope.... ain't nobody got time for that. I love being able to watch the shows I want to see and not have to sit thru a bunch of stupid commercials.

Or you could always make some pie. I made this one yesterday.

Pretty much we just have to hunker down until this rainy pattern moves off. Until then you'll find me on the couch watching the NetFlix eating pie.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Vera said...

I don't think we have had your type of tropical storms, but we are having the European equivalent. We aren't too muddy, but everything is wet, including the ground in the veg garden, so no weeding being done here either! I agree, though, that it does mean that I have the opportunity to catch up indoors, but when the weather is like this all my energy goes from mid morning onwards, and then I spend the rest of the day trying to keep awake!

longtime wife said...

I am north of Pgh, and we have a swamp out in our yard. My garden is raised beds so at least it is not under water, but my grass is growing like it is a jungle. I am so ready for this stupid rain to stop. I need to plant some more beans and a few zucchini that did not make it in early june, but I think they will be ok....

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