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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Guess what we did today?

Strawberries!!!  Yay! My strawberry patch yielded a grand total of five berries this year.... so we went to the Upick place.

 Strawberries, baby, yeah!

It was terrific - so easy for us to zip up there and get to picking. Do you Upick?  It's really fun.

The Upick set up is usually about the same. Thankfully with 'the facebook' you can usually check in with your favorite Upick farm for conditions. Then grab some containers (or you can buy them there), drive in, check in at the stand, and they will weigh your containers (or let you purchase them).

If you bring your own containers try to go for shallow containers so the berries don't get squished under their own weight. We used two peck baskets that I kept from last year's auction. 

Then we were directed to drive pretty far back on their property - one of the grandkids was there telling folks where to park. He was happy to tell us to start in the third row and work our way back.

We had a great time and were out of there in a flash - so many berries!  This was just a quick trip for us and not our "for the season" berry harvest. We just needed some strawberry goodness to get us thru the weekend.

Then we drove back to the check in stand, they weighed our berry-filled-containers, and the gave us the price. Easy peasy!

We paid about $15 total for what was about one full basket (from our two partial baskets)...which was about $1.75/pound. I actually thought that was kind of high...which is why I'll be checking out the auction next time. Our Amish neighbors had some quarts for $2.75 so that might be a good way to go also.

All in all it was easy and fun.

Happy Thursday everyone! Are you eating strawberries for lunch?


Kev Alviti said...

I think they'd have to weigh me on the way in and the way out I'd eat so many!

Rebecca said...

For the first time I'm dehydrating all the strawberries we don't eat (already made our year's jam) and, boy, are they good! If I can keep everybody's mitts off them, I hope to add them to granola this winter.

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