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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beez, Runner, and Miss Duck

Things are booming!  A few quick pix and some farm notes...

Sweet Miss Duck on her nest:

She is a great broody... its amazing how she goes into a 'zen-duck' state and just sits. While Miss Dash is happy to get up, take a bath, and wander around, Miss Duck just sits. I'll start making her get up at least once a day, but mostly that just agitates her.Sadly tho, I'll need to take a few of her eggs so we aren't entirely over run. I'm also going to put the meat chicken eggs under Miss Dash when she decides to put her fluffy bottom down. I have to fill her nest gradually tho - that Dash, she's one smart cookie and will know if I'm trying to pull the wool over her eyes.

Bees! The are buzzing.. great shot of them hard at work:

And check out Runner watching over "her" babies! She sits quietly beside them during the day and we let her set on them at night. And I broke down and got a few more chicks at TSC....I don't know if she didn't notice or just didn't care that there were some new faces, but everyone is doing great.  I put a little apple cider vinegar in the peep's water this morning tho. Its a good way to keep any bacteria from growing in their gut. Sometimes store chix are stressed while momma hatched chix seem to do a better job of fending off any illness. Humm. maybe we'll talk about that also in a later post.

Farm notes:
* Not to be hatin' but so that I have a record.. more problems with the neighbor's and their dog.  The dog wasn't just coming over here - he was chasing the poultry. And their bonfire/party with all their rowdy friends lasted until 4am.  We know what time they left because, while we could drown out the music and the noise with a fan, when they started laying on their vehicle horns as they were all speeding out of the drive... well that woke us up. And the neighbors on the other side weren't very happy either. After they were all partied out I'm sure the new/bad neighbors appreciated us all letting them know that the decent folks around here get up early. Very early. Sometimes you just have to chase the gander around in the morning. Wow.. that OD.. he's loud. Golly. Hope I didn't wake them up!
* So I missed church again  - there was no way we could leave the property unattended with their turkey-chasing-dog - and got 2 more rolls of field fence. We put up over 800 ft of it over the weekend. And now it looks like we'll be doing a survey on that side as well. We believe their camp fire in on our side.
* On the upside the dinner chix are going to be moved to the outside coop today. They need more room and frankly they are creeping me out. Putting their feed down for them is like putting your hand in a piranha infested river.
* Got the buckwheat planted in the upper gardens and watered in...should be fully grown out in 30 days!
* Working on getting the little skip-poppers weaned from Debbie. I milked her out early so the little ones will have to eat grain and hay. The neighbors said they would take Gilly soon.
* Still nothing from Nibbles.. she was acting like something was up, but then nothing. I don't even think she's faking but she'd better get with the schedule.. we need those babies to arrive soon!

And that's the update!  Happy Tuesday everyone!


Weekend Cowgirl said...

We have had the dog trouble thing before and I sure isn't fun... good luck with that one. Love all the animals and your bees! Darling duck.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Weekend Cowgirl! The dog thing is tough...but I'm fairly certain the neighbors on the other side will have a solution for that bad dog.

While I'm sorry those new folks don't have a big yard I guess its the old adage of city folks moving to the country and thinking they can do whatever they want. They don't know yet that way out here eventually you need help from your neighbors.

Chai Chai said...

How does the neighbor dog get past your hard working farm dogs?

Yep, geese and roosters can be loud in the morning, especially for folks not used to their calls. I'm sure the guineas could/will have them on edge soon as well.

That is a lot of fence to hang. Does this mean cows or sheep will soon be appearing?

I have never seen a duck that looks like that, do they lay eggs year round?

The verification was "demon", potentially fitting for all the mischief going on at your place.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

I know! Can you believe it with that sneaky dog? Previously our dogs weren't allowed in the direction of the bad neighbors because its all wooded...and since we don't just let them roam around and they know the command "Stay Where I Can See You"... they don't hang out over there. But our dogs got that bad dog across the line - and fast. If their bad dog thought he'd come over and play - boy did he have another thing coming.

I think the neighbor was trying to josh around and told The Big Man that our dogs "really scared Mr. Woofey"...The Big Man didn't think it was funny and told that bad neighbor that Mr. Woofey should be. The neighbor's reply: "Oh."

Now that we have the fence we walk the property line every morning...and our big dogs take big dog dumps all along the way.....I don't think that bad dog will be back.

As for sheep and cows.. oh yes... now I just need to do a whole lot of chainsawing!

Unknown said...

Ohio - I'm jealous! at least you know where your ducks are laying! I have no clue if mine are making nests, setting nests, etc....but if they are, they hid them well!

I told BR today that I'M READY TO BE OVER RUN with ducklings!!!

They hatched NONE last year - I want maxmimum production of 22 ducklings per duck hen this year! (and we have three!) so if I don't get at least 9-15 ducklings per clutch, someone's getting the axe!

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