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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bucket of cute and Farm Notes

Seriously, I can't stand the cuteness...I'm SWOONING over these little lumpkins. I believe the "mini-pops" are getting cuter by the day.  Yesterday they were even trying to skip pop around. They look like little rabbits.

Today I milked Little Nibbles, who did a great job for her first milking ever. I think she liked the snacks. Surprisingly she gave a good bit of milk and mostly stood there quietly. We walked back to the stall and couldn't find the babies! We both looked at each other and screamed... and then we searched and searched... oh here they are:

Honestly - is this a little bucket of cute or what?

So farm notes: (a reminder this is my way of record keeping, kind of boring but might be helpful to some)
* Yesterday (4/20) we gave the mini-pops their first shots. In a month (May 20) we give their 2nd shots. Also gave Little Nibbles her bo-se shot (we are selenium deficient here).
* I need to give all the goats the natural wormer - I'm not satisfied with how the chemical wormer is working.
* Two days ago (4/18) some of the hens attacked Mollee's nest - but she sat back down on the one egg. We think we found a way to secure her.
* Miss Dash is down on her nest and locked tight. I need to swap out the eggs, tho.
* Got 3 trays of seeds done - one is marigolds and zucchini (not well marked). Others are romas, Tula Blacks, and then broccoli and cabbage.
* The buckwheat is up! (I love it when nature works!)
* Found several turkey nests - we need to lock up Turkey Momma so she'll lay in a secure place. That's her out there screaming...and screaming.. and screaming....
* Dinner chicks are doing well - they seem to like being outside. We are starting them on a new feed and will see how it goes.
* Runner's chicks need to be moved to a day pen so they can run around more. Runner is still sitting on them at nite as we are still cool (but above freezing). She is starting to wander around more during the day but sticks close - and chases off the hens that are giving her the business.
* I have no idea what Cindy the goose is doing. She built a beautiful nest but isn't really sitting on it. Apparently we need to more clearly define her roles and responsibilities. I think I need to do a more detailed job description. We also need to work on her performance metrics. If she isn't careful she'll be put on a Performance Improvement Plan (golly, looks like I slipped into my corporate speak again!)

Thats all! I'm headed out to garden and get my ducks lined up! Happy Thursday!


Weekend Cowgirl said...

Oh, they are so cute in the pink scoop/bucket!So tiny & so sweet.

Anonymous said...

those are some SERIOUSLY cute pictures. now... i wonder how much it would cost for you to mail me one of those little goaties? ;)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi WCG! Hope you are well!

BYBW - I know! can you stand it!!?? How about $150 plus a rt tix for me? hee hee hee. I've been hemming and hawing about posting them on CL but I just have to do it. Tomorrow I'll have some video of them skip poppin' around... oh the cuteness!

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