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Monday, December 20, 2010

Light and Shade

A view at dusk....


With a heavy heart I come to you again with news of another passing. Our good old dog, Shady, went to her final rest today. We praise God for all her years of friendship and find comfort knowing she has gone to run with her old pack -- Bo, Friendly, and the others -- in green fields and sunshine.

She left us on an auspicious day - this eve before the full moon, the winter solstice, and on this crazy lunar eclipse. It reminds us of our trust in The Way of Things. That this turning of the season is a time to bury the grief from our recent hard losses and turn toward the light and spring. It reminds of the cycle of life - that Kai and her puppyness is our joy as much as loosing Shady is our sorrow.

Perhaps it was "just coincidence" that today I received some very kind comments about the work we do here on our little farm and our funny little life. So I wanted to say thanks to everyone for their well wishes, comments, and just plain good ol' times we have here. Thanks for stopping by and just saying hello. Life can be hard but its better when you know we are all in it together.

Now come on everybody, I think if we all go outside and jump up and down really hard we can get this old earth tilted back the other way toward the light..and get it moving toward longer days, warmer nights, and the first greening of spring.

Who's with me?


Chai Chai said...

I'm with you - we need warmth. Hope Shady knows that all dogs go to Heaven.

When you get to Heaven and walk through the gates you will notice two things. On your right will be Shady, nine incarnations of Penny and the rest of the Posse, the farm dogs, and a few goats. To your left will be Fred and OD, backed by rows and rows of pigz - and they will all have been waiting for you so they could get it on!

Mr. H. said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. It has been said that the best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of it's master and that is certainly where your Shady is now.

I'm off to take our Rowdy and the grandson for a walk...we all promise to jump up and down so this planet gets moving in the right direction.

Grandpa said...

I'm with you OFG, even from several thousand miles away, I feel I'm near you, sharing your sorrow and pain.

I want to rejoice together with you too, and wait for the arrival of spring...

It warms my heart to see that beautiful chrome image, and to read your written words. Take care, my friend

Melanie said...

I'm with you! :)

Veggie PAK said...

Count me in! I'm ready!

Mama Mess said...

I am sorry to hear about your dog. Losing one is never easy, and we lost our Brandy last Wednesday. We've been fortunate to share our lives with some wonderful dogs, and will share our lives with many more. I could have missed the pain, but I'd a had to miss the dance, and I wouldn't miss dancing with my dogs for anything.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

Heiko said...


Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks CC, but shhh.. I don't think the pigz will be there

Very kind words, Mr. H. Give that Rowdy a couple of pets from me.

Thank you, dear Grandpa. I hear your warm words of comfort.

Melanie - jump! jump! jump!

VPak - I was out looking for any signs of green.. not yet. Soon.. very soon..

So true, GW, we wouldn't have missed the dance either. But it did hit me pretty hard that the responsibility of the pack is now on Titan.. I keep thinking he's a big pup but he's the main man now.

Cheers Heiko! One-two-three JUMP!

Hey I think we did it... is it just me or do others feel the solstice too?

Tammy said...

I'm with you!

So sorry for your loss... and impressed by your strength and optimism.

Heather Head (Curiosity Cat) said...

Wow--this is a beautiful post and a gorgeous photograph. I'm sorry for your loss and grateful for your perspective. :)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Tammy, and as always, good to see you.

Heather, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.

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