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Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday's Perfect Day and Farm Friends Friday!

Today (Thursday) was almost a perfect day. The sun was out, the weather was 'shorts-n-tshirts', and I could actually do something that felt productive. So did all the critters.

First, the turkey hens sunned themselves...

Then all the goats goofed around

Including little Porter, who tried to get IN the big tub...but didn't quite make it. Grandma Vita stood by patiently tho.
Then our barncat, Shine, lazed in the hay in the back of the truck.

But mostly it was about hauling and shoveling. One thing that is for sure is that there is a LOT of poop shoveling in the spring. I used most of the litter from the turkey house to start a compost "pile" that lined a new garden bed along the driveway.

We cleaned out the turkey house to make way for the new "Milk Stealer Triple Max Slam Pen(itentiary)." They'll keep a cell open for the milk stealers and I hear the waffles are good (If that didnt make sense - its ok, Chai Chai will know what I mean).  Half of the turkey house will now hold the baby goats and we will also work on fencing in a new yard for them.

We need to separate the little ones at nite so we can get most of the milk from the mommas in the morning for us. But don't worry - there will be plenty for the little ones to eat. This way we can also transition them to eating grain. They won't be fully weaned until they are about 8 weeks old.

The day ended with a warm and breezy sunset. Then I had a double goat cheese pasta - with bacon. What could be better?

Oh yeah... its Farm Friends Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!


Hoosier Farm Babe said...

I am your newest follower from Farm Friend Friday! Really enjoyed all of our pics and looking forward to your future posts!

Check me out sometime at hoosierfarmbabe.blogspot.com

Teresa Hord said...

It looks so sunny and warm! We are getting a huge storm in today and I am just itching for Spring!!! I am done with muddy boots!

Chai Chai said...

Love the pictures of the turkeys, we are definitely getting some this year.

How old are the babies when you let them have some grain?

This whole place is full of milkstealers, but the hue and cry coming from your barn at night must keep the good (and bad) neighbors awake at night!

JeffJustJeff said...

Love the pics. I think Shine has the right idea(and maybe the turkey hens). I'd much rather be where he is than behind this desk...


Robin said...

It looks like you have a lot of happiness going on out there in Ohio!!!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hey Hoosier! thanks for stopping by!

The sun was fabulous, Teresa... such a welcome relief from all the snow and rain. I'm sooooo over the mud sucking boots thing....

hey CC! ha! we cant hear them crying at nite.. hee hee hee anyway. you can start trying to feed them grain right away. mostly they just take it in their little mouths and spit it out tho. all of ours are interested in hay so by that time you can use a "creep feeder" to have grain available. we'll give them grain at nite when they are separated. from what i understand they 'self regulate' their grain intake so they get plenty of milk.

hey Jeff! dont worry - i used to be a corporate monkey also. you can escape if you want too.. let me know and i'll help bust you out

hi Robin! we had another smilin' day again - not so much sun but warm and dry. i cant wait to get planting.

Teresa said...

It does sound like a wonderful productive day. I've been working on that poop removal as well. Your cat certainly does look cozy!

Verde Farm said...

The pasta sounds wonderful! The pics are so cute! A wonderful day indeed. I know what you mean about spring and poop :) LOL
Thanks for sharing with FFF!

jp@A Green Ridge said...

I can imagine all the residue you have because I have plenty with just 2 dogs!...:)JP

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi Teresa! I love a productive day...and a lazy cat.

Thanks Verde! Spring is all about poop!

Just two dogs, Home? Golly...you don't know what you're missing! Tomorrow is all about shoveling as well.

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