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Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweet faces - Nibbles' babies

Oh golly there is a lot of cuteness around here! Check out these sweet little faces...

Nibbles was bred to a really fancy buck - so wow look at all these markings. Each have a little tuft of white on their heads - like Nibbles.

We named them Guinness, Porter, and Stout... Stout is the littlest one with the stripe across her back.

Porter has the dark brown, fade to lighter brown on her back. Guinness is looking right at us.

And oh yes, these little lumpkins will be available for sale.  Guinness will be a great buck with excellent lines (altho not papered) or a fun little wether friend.  Porter and Stout will be amazing milkers. Check out the bag on Nibbles - she was a wonderful udder and insanely rich and delicious milk.  These little cuties will be great addition to anyone's barn or back yard.

Happy Farm Friends Friday everyone!

And we should not forget the people affected by today's disaster in Japan and across the Pacific. Our thoughts and prayers to the people who's lives are impacted.  We are especially grateful that our pal NancyDe and her family are safe.  We love you baby!


Mama Mess said...

Congrats on your triples, I knew it! ;0)

It looks like she's got it figured out this time and yes they are darling babies.

Unknown said...

I think I love Guinness...wish I had more room. And folks - she's not kidding about the richness of the milk. I think my mini-manchas produce half and half!

Robin said...

You've got some very cute kids at your place! I just love their names!

Chai Chai said...

I guess you got lucky with the camera and caught them for the 4 seconds today that they were standing still. They are very cute!

Autumn said...

Aw!! I would take Stout in a minute if I could!

Unknown said...

We always become a little envious of those folks already surrounded by so much cuteness at this time of year. We are 'late lambers' and still have about a month to go. Thanks for giving us our Saturday morning fix with these pictures of your wonderful new additions.

Mr. H. said...

Guinness, Porter, and Stout...I love it.:)

Millie said...

They are so cute! We just started kidding this week too.

Larkrise garden girl said...

What cute little goats!

Dmarie said...

at first glance, I thought you were raising skunks! what sweet little babies you have there!

Verde Farm said...

Ok, I can’t stand it-I must have goat babies. All you lucky goat folks have the sweetest pictures and I am just dying to cuddle and love on these little babies. Thank you for sharing with FFF!

luckybunny said...

Adorable kids!

Heiko said...

I love the names! Shame they weren't born on Paddy's Day, that would have been even more apt. I'd love to take some of you, just the shipping would be a bit far. Do goats get seasick?

Summersweet Farm said...

Been a while since I've checked up on ya - those are great names! Any chance you want to sell halfway across the country? -laugh- Just kidding but maybe next year?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

GW - right as usual! She was so huge.. I was almost thinking there were 4!

Hey Java - we need to get Nibs up to milking speed and fast!

hi Robin! They are adorable - and fun to watch.

CC - they are totally insane. all the jumping around is a hoot!

Autumn - wish you were closer!

hi Sheeps and Peeps! thanks for stopping by. We have a lot of cuteness here for sure.

Mr H, my hubby named them after his favorite drinks

Mille - this week! I'm popping by to see!

hey Larkrise GG! thanks for stopping by!

hey Dmarie - well.. they are little stinkers!

Hi Verde! They are very snugly! And very good natured too. We love FFF!

Thanks LuckyB! They are out there zooming around right now.

Brother Heiko! Good to see you are back. If I named them after my favorite drinks they would be Tequila, Coffee, and Cafe

Start driving SSF! ha! You'll love having your goaties!

suburban farm girl said...

They are SO beautiful!! How much is freight to Australia because I want Guiness! HAHA

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