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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Every body is peeping along!

Caught this cute pix of The Dozen earlier this morning -

 They all swarm in for fresh water. Chicks are excited about everything.

I love it when they are all so excited about fresh water. Everyone bellies up to the bar and takes little sips. See that they have graduated from being on paper towels to having wood shavings as litter. Someone asked me about this.  There are a couple reasons to start them on paper towels. First is that it gives them better footing than say, newspaper, which they could slip on and develop a leg problem (called spraddle leg).

And also they may try and eat the litter instead of their chick food. At first we just put their chick food on the paper towels - this way its easier for them to figure out they are supposed to eat it. Then we put it in a dish or a feeder. Everyone is peeping right along!

Four of The Dozen having a grand morning.

I'm really hoping these two little twin chipmunk striped guys are actually gals and are just like my best younger hen, Sienna. We are working on the "perfect" backyard hen for us - heavy bodied, wedge shaped, rose or short comb, clean legs, a good layer, and who can free range like a maniac.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


Chai Chai said...

Chicks are so cute...and fragile. Happy Sunday to you too!

Carolyn said...

We raise layers and the freaky-meat birds (cornish x's) every year, so you think I'd be sick of seeing pictures of baby chicks....but NO! Thanks for the fuzzy cute chickie pictures!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hey CC! Glad that you posted an update - and great work with your class. I fully expect you to start working some stat-lingo into your posts.

Hi Carolyn! I just cant get enough of them - and the happy peeping just makes me smile.

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