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Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh Ruby Landscape!

Oh ruby landscape!

Oh fragrant hue!

Oh jeweled wonder!

Folks, we dominated at the Upick Thursday. We ended up with just shy of 25 pounds of strawberries. I cleaned them for hours and make 3 quick batches of low sugar preserves. Then I found out I don't have any more Pomonas Universal Pectin! So I'll work on finding more. Until then the rest of the berries will be frozen, or made into pies. My friend J says that those Mennonite gals make a mean pie - so that's what I'll be making very soon.

Happy Friday everyone! What are you doing siting there? Go and get some berries!

Update:  Just some information about Pomona's Universal Pectin. I found their ordering site located here:


The price per box is $5.75 which includes shipping and handling for US addresses! Wow - now that's a deal so I got a couple on the way to me. Go and order some up - you won't be disappointed. I love not having to use so much sugar - these berries were so sweet that adding... gulp... five cups of sugar to 3 cups of berries would have been a shame.

Central Ohio folks - We visited Schacht  Family Farms in Canal Winchester - they do a great job with Upick. There were a bunch of kids just ahead of us in line and the owners went out of their way to make it fun for the little ones. And they sell mushroom compost for just $22 a scoop... or by the bag. Of course we got a scoop - so me and the shovel will be busy today.


Mary said...

Yum!! I love the smell of strawberries. What kind of pectin is that and where can I find it? Happy canning

Kristin @ Going Country said...

Not until June 20 here. BOO.

Robin said...

My goodness!!! Where did you get all those beautiful strawberries???

Unknown said...

Hi OFG, nice looking berries!!

we just transplanted about 100 plants out of our ground bed into our raised bed - so we're not gonna buy 'em (I hope) this year.

But we had about another 100 plants that we gave some away, sold some, and some got burnt in the sun because no one wanted them or would come and get them.

Happy Friday!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

I put away a dozen strawberries already and we have eaten most of them already:o( time to get more.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi Mary! I love Pomona's Universal Pectin. Sometimes you can find it at small, independent stores. Or online at Amazon.

Kristin - I'll have a big bowl for you!

Robin, arent they amazing? We have a great local place here. Tons of kids and they do a wonderful job with upick.

100, Aly!???! Wow! I'm hoping next year we wont have to buy any.

Mr. H. said...

Nice! Mmmmm...pie.

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Your strawberries are awesome!!!!!

Chai Chai said...

Looks like more pie will be on the menu in the Good Land!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Mr. H - the pie is epic. Wish I could serve you up a big piece!

WCG - they are delish. I just love berry season.

CC - funny you should mention that...

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