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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's the first one. Isn't it beautiful? What could be better for the first day of June?

I'm thrilled that our strawberries are starting to ripen! With my measly number of plants we'll only have enough berries for eating.  I'm still pea-green with envy for Robin's 88 plants! (And you have seen her blushing peas? Wow!) We'll find a UPick place to load up for preserves and such. But until then, these lovely jewels are all ours!

Today was a stellar day - our humidity finally cleared and we had a sunny blue sky day. I worked on lots of little places to get them weeded, tilled, and ready for planting. I also planted some okra next to the Roma's in the Upper Garden. There's some peppers there too so I'll be calling that plot Gumbo Row. I also planted about 50 little Scarlet Runner bean seedlings all around on the fence lines.

Yesterday was a hot, humid, scorcher of a day. I was up and out there before 6am trying to beat the heat. I got the last row of Red Pontiac taters planted outside the gate. 

Just uphill I tilled and planted clover, some leftover oats, and black oil sunflowers. Just down hill is the existing (heavily strawed row) of potatoes, then the newest row, then a strip of buckwheat. In the background you can see that we left some of the blackberries ramble along. The beez love the blossoms and if we get out there before the birds, we might just get a few of the berries for ourselves.

Hope everyone got outside and enjoyed the sunshine and blue sky!  Happy First Day of June!


Robin said...

Congrats on your first strawberry of the season! I have to tell you that the strawberries are starting to produce. I've been picking some every morning! And those peas...I picked the first ones last night and some more this afternoon. We are having them for dinner tonight!

Are you getting greener??? :)

I think that you need to order yourself a bunch of strawberry roots and put in a great big strawberry patch!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thats it, Robin! I'm coming over for a big bowl of those berries! And yes I wish I had a big ol peck o' peas.

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

Well, Ohiofarmgirl I'm rushing over to Robin's while your feeding the chickens..I'll help her eat some of those strawberries, I'll bring some cream..you can have the peas :o)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Our strawberry season hit a couple of weeks ago. We did a you pick and stocked up - lots of canning, freezing, and drying. Love strawberries!

Jody said...

How wonderful. We posted our first strawberry of the season two weeks ago. Things are winding down now. I hope you have as enjoyable a strawberry harvest as we did.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Hi Ginny! Rush right over for sure!

Lisa - glad you got an early start. We didn't want to miss it this year. Last year we didnt have one strawberry.

Thanks Jody! I'm excited about having our own berries, finally!

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