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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Bubby's Big Paws

Remember when Zander was little? He was just a little lumpkins!  Now... well... now its an entirely different matter.
 Zander Hannibal BoneCrusher - not a lap dog.  We call him The Bubby.

Would you just LOOK at these paws!?!

These paws are huge!

He's growing so fast - if I even blink then I miss that one day he's all leggy... and the next he's all long in the body.... then pretty soon he has too much skin.... and then it starts all over again.

I can't even hardly believe that he was this small. Look at me with my hands in his chubby little mouth......

....look how small my fingers look now!

The Bubby is really good natured - and still has "puppy brain" all the time. Most of the time he looks like he's laughing.

We love him very much...we say he's "Bub-alicious."  He's always smiling and funnin' around.

Mostly he's just a big goof, thats our Bubby.

On Monday I had to make a flying tackle to get him to stop chasing one of the geese. So he's entered "that" phase... but that's OK. We'll get him into hard workin' farm dog shape just as soon as he outgrows that puppy brain.  It might take a while...

Happy Tuesday everyone! Have a Bubby Good Day!


David said...

Good looking dog!

Rae said...

He sure is a handsome boy! Love all the "laughing" pics!

Our dogs have gained a measure of respect for the geese after Bitor the grumpy gander got a couple good bites in. :)

Mr. H. said...

For sure, he has grown into quite the enormous monster.:)

collieguy said...

Puppyhood! What delight! He certainly is a handsome boy, and a fortunate one given the crew he is among. Can't imagine a civilized home without happy dogs, room to romp free, and general embracement of playfulness.

We are soon to join you in experiencing the extended pack as our border collie is due to whelp any time.beginning today. First and likely last litter but she is such an incredibly good dog we had to do it once. Four pups already spoken for.

Robin said...

Boy, your little boy is growing so fast!

Damummis said...

Aww Bubby....
You know that puppy brain can take a long time to get over sometimes. Still waiting for Spike to get over his, 6years later.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks, Dave, we think he's the business.

Hi Rae! Isn't he just the happiest thing? And I totally love Bitor the gander! ha!

Mr. H, good thing he's gonna use his size for good and not evil! He's gonna be big for sure.

Hey Collieguy! Cant wait to see your pups!! I just love puppies...they are so joyous!

Robin, we can't believe he was smaller than Nicholas...

Damummis, you said it! We think he'll be goofy for a while. I just need him to be able to concentrate on ME and not the chickens.

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