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Monday, February 27, 2012

I Make A Mean Pancetta

Isn't it beautiful? This is from the last batch - cured and then hung to dry. It's superb. This was one of the oddly shaped belly pieces. Its mostly meat so its almost like a ham or proscuitto. The thing I love best about this pancetta is the savory spices.

I've been shaving it paper thin and frying it as bacon with eggs-in-a-nest.  And also adding it to salad. You can never have enough pancetta, right?  I start cooking it on a cold skillet on low heat to render out that lovely layer of fat.

Not a lot going on here. Both of us are still under the weather so its all we can do to lay on the couch and watch 12 straight hours of The Tudors.  We got the dvd's from the library for free - but does everyone know how great Amazon.com's Instant Video service is?

We are going to try and rally today but we've been laid low by whatever virus is going around. I think I got it from civilization - just another reason to stay home where its safe.

Happy Monday everyone!  The sun is out here - anyone else going to try and get a bit of gardening done today?


freemotion said...

Too cold yet for outdoor gardening here, plus I have to work all day (for money). But my onions and collards are up early so I must get my grow light stand up from the cellar and into the living room where it is warm for seed starting indoors. I thought I had 8-10 days, as the seed packets said, but the darn things were as excited about spring as I am and came up in four days!

That pancetta looks divine! *drools*

Anonymous said...

Also Oh-so-delicious sliced thinly and eaten raw on bread!


Big Onion said...

Talking or reading about pancetta always makes my heart skip a little beat. I love the stuff so darn much.

I'm not sure if you're using any herbs for drying, but you should definitely try it if not. "Typical" herbs are bay leaf (crushed fine), black pepper, and crushed red pepper. But you can use anything. I made a pancetta with lemon balm, star anise, coriander, and fennel to make an absinthe-flavored blend.

Remember mentioning those one meal seasoning packets at the grocery? That's sort of what I look at pancetta as, especially pancetta tesa (straight pancetta) with a concia (herb mixture). You got fat, salt, meat, and some herbs. I've even thrown a few into a pot of crushed tomatoes for a lazy man's pasta sauce.

Seriously, I'm in love with pancetta. Here's one of my favorite pics of one I did with some lavender and orange zest:


Dreaming of Chickens said...

That looks so yummy! I'd love a slice with eggs-in-a-nest. Haven't had that for a while. I think that's whats for breakfast today! Of course, I'll just be having bacon, not a home made pancetta, but I think I can live with it.

JeffJustJeff said...

OMG, that looks delicious! Hurry up pigs! Chad and I loved the Tudors. I think we both have a bit of Anglophile in us. I hear there's a vaccine that will cure that right up ;-) Get better!

Heavens Door Acres said...

just staring at that picture, made my mouth water! Luck you! Sorry you are feeling under the weather...feel better soon! Today is BEAUTIFUL outside. I have been out all morning dragging hoses, cleaning and filling water troughs and duck pools. Inside time to get some fried chicken going..and a rest. Then back out to turn the garden and get ready to get the beets in! Woohoo!!!

Chai Chai said...

Civilization has its hazards; shaking hands with Mary Mallon or chatting with Marie Skłodowska is a risk one has to take to buy chocolate.

David said...

Beautiful! Hope everyone is back in the game soon!

Jody said...

"You can never have enough pancetta right". You say! How about, what is pancetta and how can I have it too! If only we could raise pork too. We're with you!

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