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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chickens! OK... books on chickens

Thanks to everyone for their tremendous response to the Buy A Soldier Breakfast post - wow what generosity!

Special thanks to my "coffee hero" - you know who you are - who gifted a bunch of coffee drinks for soldiers. I got a fun message back thru Green Beans Coffee from a soldier thanking me for the "pick me up" that I sent. I thought that was terrific and I also thought - gosh if you ever doubted that our soldiers needed a little love from home then this is a way to really find out how much it means to them.

Harvey is one of my favorite poultry people of all time!

I know I said that I'd talk about chickens today but we had such a great response I wanted to fill in the blanks a little with some questions and comments I received.

First, if you are purchasing supplies and goodies thru Amazon the shipping address is a little wonky - so we figured it out. Remember that you are shipping to a facility in the States where the military post takes over - that's what the APO is all about. Here is how you fill out the shipping address on Amazon and if you have any questions you can use the "Contact" button on their site and it's really easy peasy to "chat" with a customer service rep and they can walk you thru it.

Name: Fill in your soldiers name and rank as provided
Address Line 1: All those numbers and letters that dont make any sense
Address Line 2: even more letters and numbers - probably the base name
city = APO or AFO
state = AA or AE or AP
zip = 09###
United States = country no matter where they are stationed

The City, State, and Zip are were it gets tricky so use the above to fill it out and remember you are always sending to country = United States. If you are using anysoldier.com they ask you to include that on one of the address lines so the guys know where it's coming from.

Hands down this is the chicken "bible" - what great info!

You should also get an option to write a note to your soldier as part of the "gift" part of the process - you can include your email for fb ID if you would like. While you shouldn't expect a response you just might get one! Remember they are busy being shot at so hearing back from someone would be a great bonus and not an expectation. But our friend "M" let us know yesterday that his son really relied on care packages while he was stationed there - it made a huge difference to him.

Now about these chickens, since Mother's Day is this weekend and I know that you are still dilly dallying about getting a gift I'm making it super easy for you! How about sending your mom some books on chickens like these fine selections here? Why am I hocking these books? Because any purchases you make thru Amazon from my store, the black Amazon search box on the right, or from this link for the month of May will directly help a soldier who needs supplies or snacks. I get a small portion of any sale from Amazon and I'm using the entire payout for this month for "my" soldier!

Could be the most adorable chicken book of all time. 

Why, you ask? Well, why not. Our service people need a little help and a lot of love. This is a fun and easy way to help out. One of the things that is grinding on me lately is how much selfishness there is in our culture so I'm directly "combating" it here today. Come on, everyone needs more books! How about the Kindle version of any of these? How about a Kindle - they are very fancy and sweeeeeeeeeeet! You need to buy your mom one - right now using this link!

You could have this fancy Kindle! Order it! Yay!

And if you really want to "double dip" then use this link to order supplies and snacks for your soldier and then your sale will help me buy stuff for my soldier. How great is that?

Happy Tuesday everyone! Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments, notes, and pm's yesterday. Together we can make a difference for these hard working men and women. Go Team!

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