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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Favorite Garden Gloves

Nothing but rain here today, yesterday, and tomorrow so let's just talk about more fun stuff you can get for Mother's Day! (Remember the reason we are doing this is to benefit our troops!)

Here they are - my favorite garden gloves....

Aren't they a vision? I got a pair of these a while ago - mostly because we are infested with that stupid wild rose. I got tired of getting my arms all scratched up even if I had heavy work gloves covering my hands. These gloves are incredible - they are easy to work in, keep your hands safe, and are washable! Dubious of this, I washed them and they came out just fine.

I use these gloves for everything from picking thistles for the goaties, to bush whacking my way thru the Impenetrable Forest, to taking really angry momma ducks off their nest. (It is a fact the ducks, despite their lack of teeth, bite surprisingly hard.)

If you are looking for a fun garden book - I just love this little gem about companion planting.

Another favorite is this little known book - probably one of my favorites. Not only are there great planting tips but there are fun recipes and you kind of get to know this gal. I'd love to be friends with her and visit her place.

She is the one who taught me to plant potatoes the easy way. 

But hands down the best gardening book that I have is the fabulous tome by by John Jeavons.

This is an incredible reference with tons of information, great 'how to's', and planting plans. This is also a great source if you are trying to figure out who much room or how many plants you need to provide enough groceries for your family.

Lots of fun options here for Mother's Day gifts - just click on these links, use the black Amazon search box on the right side of this page, or click around in my store to order.  If you order thru any of these links I will get a tiny portion of the sale and it will not cost you one cent more. Any proceeds I get from sales thru the month of May will go directly for snacks and supplies to help a soldier. Why am I doing this? Because it's a great way to help our troops and raise awareness that they need our help.

 I'm also kind of tired of seeing so much selfishness in our culture. If you really want to feel better about yourself, don't look for some "thing" to fill that sadness - just help someone else. Nothing could be easier than spending a few minutes clicking around to send a care package. You don't have to over think it or even get up from your chair. And don't forget that sending a $2 coffee drink will really make someone's day - you will probably get a fun note back thru Green Beans Coffee's website!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Now get out there and help someone else - and get some awesome garden gloves in the process.

Editors note: THANKS to everyone who has made purchases! We are off to a roaring start and I just know we are going to get enough to fill a box - folks are going to get some breakfast for sure!

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