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Friday, May 31, 2013

Potato Lady

I'm still working to get ahead of the weather here so not much time for chitty chat. But thanks to everyone who is interested in my "homemade hay" - I'll do a post with pix and how-to very soon. Until then here are few happy snaps for your Friday....

I love that the lady bugs have found the potatoes. Thanks Potato Lady!

Yesterday I gave up when the temperature hit 91.3*. Today is supposed to be a little cooler but it's already hot our there.

A rose by any other name is still "that stupid wild rose."

This has been my nemesis for the last week or so. I've been working on clearing but I just can't get ahead of this wild rose - or the poison ivy. But I'm giving it a heck of a fight. I'm all scratched up tho.  And I'm all scratchy. Ugh!

Soon will become a salad of love.

In the meantime, my broccoli empire is starting to flower - so I'm taking up a bunch of it. I'll use Pickyourown.com's instructions on how to blanch then freeze fresh broccoli. If there is any left. It is a fact that I'm head over heels for that broccoli bacon layer salad. I have a fantastic row of lettuce that is really producing - so it's fun that just about everything in this salad comes from my yard.

Doesn't everyone love catmint?

I'm heading out but first I have to go and check on my pan of bacon for today's salad. I've got my weather radar up tho - we might get some storms firing up later today. The rain will be here in the overnight. If you are in the Mid West be sure to keep a weather eye to the sky!

Happy Friday everyone!


buddeshepherd said...

Some years ago we lived in a little house with something like a 1000 acre field behind us. We were plagued by coyotes.
If you would shine a flashlight behind the house you sometimes would see a ring of glowing eyes. Like wolves in Old Russia.
We were growing potatoes in a stack of tires. You plant the potatoes and keep adding dirt and tires as they grow.
So, sometimes, when the constant midnight howling got a little too nerve-wracking I would go out a shoot into the pile of tires a couple times to scare of the coyotes.
I didn't realize that I had blown all the dirt out of the potatoe tire until my wife called on me to track down the wild animal that had dug up all her potatoes.
Hmm, seemed more funny at the time...
Now what made me think of that story?
Potato Lady I guess. Have a nice day.

Traci Sumner said...

Can't you tie your goats by the rose and they will eat it down lickety split, then you only have to dig it out, if you want to? Just seems like a logical answer to me. Or temporary fence them in, give them an afternoon, they'll be fat and happy and you won't look like we went to war.

Kaela said...

Goats love roses and poison ivy. Put those goats to work!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

You gotta watch them potato eating 'yotes, friend. ;-)

Oh they are eating plenty of the roses, Traci, but they will never get them all. *points to miles and miles of that wild rose in the back acreage*

Kaela - I have them on the job - there's just way too much of it. bah!

David said...

Never had a single potato blossom. They grew potatoes last year but never bloomed. That broccoli looks great!

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