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Friday, May 3, 2013

Adios Ami-goats!

And then they were all gone. Sold 'em! All of the babies so far this year - even little Daphne went to her forever farm yesterday!

 These little guys scored a great new farm!

I was really lucky because I had all fantastic buyers - a 4H mom, a very nice man who brought 2 other generations of his family with him, and a wonderful teen gal who had an awesome mom.

Sometimes people ask me if it's hard to sell the babies. Nope! I figure they are off to start a new fun life some where and I'm glad to send them on their way. One of the hardest truths about farming is that not every body makes it - and not every body gets to stay. If you aren't careful you won't end up with a smooth running farm - you'll end up on hoarders. Sure they are all cute - but then they grow up to be irritating and weird. Or bacon.

The best part of having livestock is seeing all the cute babies - so you wouldn't want the new owner to miss that would you? Nope. You should have seen how happy this little gal was today to get Daphne - it was love at first sight. And how proud she was - she worked for, saved up, and paid her own money for that little goatie. You can bet your bottom dollar that she is going to take care of little Daph and they will make a fine pair.

So when I drive away with my favorite goat selling song in my head I just think about how happy Daphne will be with her new best pal, and now the first Nibbler is sure to win first prize as a 4H project, and how that little boy is going to help his granddad bottle feed the other two babies goats. That's a happy day, friends.  

And if I feel like I'm going to get a tear in my eye for missing those little ones - I just do this.

Happy Friday everyone! Any body else gettin' paid over here?


Carolyn said...

Sold one goat three weeks ago, another one just yesterday and the remaining two are sold already just waiting for them to get to 8 weeks & then they're OUTT'A here to become roping goats for a local kid rodeo company. I feel pretty lucky, they were all boys and I'm always afraid I'll have a hard time finding buyers for them. Although that does mean we're short a few goat-rib dinners. Better a roping goat than wrapped in freezer paper!

Allie said...

I'm very curious about how much a baby goat sells for.Is that too personal of a question? I was just curious. Not creepy.

Traci Sumner said...

We're still debating what to do with our kids this year. 3 does had 4 babies - 3 girls and 1 boy. Casper the Friendly Goat is going to be barbeque this fall. Pippi Longstocking and Harelquin are definitely staying - even if we get rid of their mamas - gotta love moonspots! Light Brown Sugar aka Libby is one I could definitely part with - that little goat has bad attitude.

Unknown said...

Woody crying, that's funny! Cute little guys...

Mark Willis said...

I love your attitude to this - very realistic. And the title of your post is most apt and amusing too!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Those are words to live by, Carolyn.. ha! :-)

hi Allie! nope its a good question and the answer is.... it depends. if goats are registered they sell for sometimes twice as a "stock" or pet quality goat. ours are not registered for a lot of reasons. the other factor is where you live. one friend sells her bucklings for twice what we can get b/c she lives in a not-really-farming community. we have bucklings for a dime a dozen out here...and as always the ladies always sell for much more as milkers-in-training. the best way to tell is to check your local Farm/Garden section of Craigslist - you can get a good idea of the price range.
ps you aren't creepy ;-)

Life is too short for a goat with a bad attitude, Traci, that Libby is going to be someone's best friend - she doesnt have to be yours. :-D

Nancy, its him wiping the tears with the money that kills me everytime! ha!

Thanks Mark! I think some folks try to over think it but you just have to be practical. And really - it makes it so much better when you have good buyers.

Chai Chai said...

Lucky for you little Vlad didn't sound his war cry while the prospective new owners were looking him over, blood curdling screams sometimes frighten softer folks off.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

CC, i had a very serious talk with him about either "bucking up" and being cute or being BBQ... he chose to be exceptionally cute - what a performance! even Nibbles was adorable when folks came to see the babies - she really put on a show.

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