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Thursday, December 26, 2013

They Say It's My Birthday

Thanks, everyone, for my birthday wishes over on "the facebook!" Yay!

Having a birthday the day after Christmas garners a lot of questions.... so I'll answer them just for kicks.

1. Does it suck? Kinda. Mostly only because everyone is partied out. No one wants to go out to dinner and after eating all that Christmas food, no one wants cake. I also never got my birthday acknowledged in school. I think they had a "December Birthday" day or something but that was never the same as the kid who brought cupcakes in the middle of April.

2. Did my parents combine Christmas and birthday presents? Nope. Never and I'm pretty sure if someone tried that my mom would have given them the business. There was always a separate event and I really appreciated how my mom went out of her way to make sure it stayed that way.

My most fun memory was when I turned into a teenager and didn't want presents anymore - I always just wanted cash. So my mom would put my birthday money on the Christmas tree - all in $1 bills. It was a great way to handle it and to this day it is my best family memory.

3. What was my best birthday? Party in Vegas. Back in the day I could throw a lot of money around so I took some folks and we had a big time. A lavish dinner and good seats at Cirque du Soleil's O. And since I'm not a gambler when I actually put $1 is that big Price is Right slot machine - and won - well I was very excited. Very, very excited. I won a whole $40. The people who all came running up were very disappointed that I didn't hit the jackpot - but I was thrilled.

4. Worst birthday? Someone I really cared about drove past my house - on my birthday - on their way home to another state. I didn't even know they were here.

What's happening today? Nothing really - my hubby has to work and chores need to be done so mostly it's just a regular day. However, we are going to pick up a Coldstone cake before he leaves. Me alone in a house with 5 pounds of ice cream and cake? Challenge accepted!

What I'm really excited about happens tomorrow - my friend L is taking me out. She is so good to me - she laughs at my stupid jokes and always buys me lunch. I always feel lucky when I'm around her. So that will be my big day.

I actually really like birthdays. But everyone my age hides them and avoids it so I'm the odd man out.  What?  Am I selfish and only want attention and presents? Nope. No way. I just like cake and being with my friends. To tell the truth, I never really got presents as an adult. I just loved having big birthday dinners - it was my chance to take everyone that I loved out for a big deal and that was fun for me.

Today if I was going to plan a big event I'd love to have a big dog party with all my friends and their dogs. I'd invite Otto, Cowboy, Toby, Marv, Webster, a trio of herders, Clara, Big Sully, May, and even little Jacki - we'd have a huge meat cake with lots of bones for them. All the dogs would 'dog around' and all us humans would have a big BBQ, chocolate cake, and tequila. We'd sit around and watch the dog party go wild. Of course, I don't think it would work out very well because Kai hates other lady dogs and my #1 would try to be the boss of everyone - but I like to think about a big dog party and how fun it would be.

Happy my Birthday, everyone! Are you partied out or could you stand one more event? How about a big dog party?


Wildcard said...

Happy birthday, ofg! - Natalie

Mark Willis said...

Glad to see you being positive as usual! I'm picking up some tips here, since I have a new granddaughter, born Dec 18th. Not as close to Christmas as your birthday, but could present some of the problems you mention! I'm not a dog person, but I reckon your dog-party idea sounds "different". :)

Coco said...

A very happy birthday to you!!

And Happy New Year too, while I´m at it.

Patty@inStitches said...

When I went into labor on Christmas eve I prayed all night I wouldn't make my son share his birthday with the biggest holiday of the year! Saw way to many friends and cousins get the "Merry Christmas AND Happy birthday" gift that wasn't one cent different from the kids with out a birthday. Got my wish - labor stopped - and he delivered late January at 10#+ - but his birthday is his - and he got the school treats too!

Happy Happy Birthday to you!!

matt7102 said...

My interwebnets were down, I'm out of town, at the mercy of others. I've followed your most interesting blog for a while, but when I saw 8+ hours since your post with NO good wishes, I decided to stop lurking and say "Happy Birthday".

Your blog is a great read, I look forward to it (nearly) daily.

Best Wishes for a great year,


Vera said...

Happy birthday, OFG, and blessings to you. Hope you enjoy your ice cream and cake, and that you have a lovely day out with your friend tomorrow.
As for my birthdays, I am clocking up quite a few now (67 next year), and each time one arrives I feel quite a surprise that I have managed to get this far, and promise myself that I shall allow myself to get old an doddery when I reach 99!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Thanks Wildcard! I had a very nice day.

Hi Mark and thank you so much for your well wishes. The dog party would be hilarious.

Coco - yay happy new year to you too!

Excellent work, Patty, I love that you held onto that baby!

hi Matt and THANKS for reading and for your well wishes. I think folks were using 'the facebook' to send their hellos. So glad you've been lurking :-)

thanks Vera! 67? no way I thought you were 33 at the most. ;-) Thank you for your well wishes and of course we'd love your big rotti girls at our dog party!

Anonymous said...

My sister has a Christmas Eve birthday so her husband celebrates her half birthday on June 24 instead.

MT Dreamer said...

Well a Happy Belated Birthday to you!! Hope you enjoyed that yummy looking cake and the tequila too! Cheers!

Rapid Falls Farm said...

Happy belated :-) my nephew was born on Christmas Day this year! He was 3 weeks early so I guess he was really anxious to share the day with such a big holiday! We all agree that he's the best christmas present ever :-) thanks for sharing some advice on having a bday so close to Christmas, It's nice to get a grown ups prespective. Happy new year!

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