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Monday, July 28, 2014

Holy Tomatoes!

Yesterday I gathered up just about everything I needed to make a lovely tomato sauce. 

Fixin's for a perfect tomato sauce. That pepper is a Giant Marconi - they are really terrific.

I used my lettuce bucket and filled it up.  I  found some beautiful tomatoes, a big onion, a perfect pepper....and a big handful of basil.

Holy tomatoes! That's a big one - one of my Cherokee Purples.

Some of the tomatoes were really big!

Nothing is better than dinner from your yard and this tomato sauce was perfect. I put a big spoonful of fresh goat cheese in a low bowl, added some pasta, then covered the whole thing in our fresh sauce. It was perfect.

Happy Monday everyone! Did you all survive our crazy weekend weather? After being on alert all day yesterday we only got one hard rain late last nite.


David said...

Nice work. We've no rain from that front and we need it!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Wow, your tomatoes are fabulous. Next year I will try for some of those big tomatoes.

Unknown said...

My tomatoes are just barely coming in....

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