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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Spectacular Day!

Yesterday was spectacular here on the farm. The weather was sparkling and not too humid, we got a ton of work done, and we are closing in our next big project.

Kai thinks pigz look delicious - dat ham!

The Big Man took Kai into the pig yard with him. She thinks the pigz look delicious. She is doing a great job of learning "keep them back."  Kai and my Dog#1 get the pigz moved over into their first yard so I can easily move around in the rest of the pig yard without being stampeded by oinkers.  The dogs stand in the gateway to keep the hogs in one place. Kai is very cute - she has her "mean face" and gives a low growl. We only see her as our princess but she's all 'hell yeah.'

Then we had some dueling mowers and got a few other things done around here.... including digging some potatoes.

But the big news is that we strung up the fence to move the pigz into the next yard. I'm completely overjoyed at moving the pigz into their new place. I will close off their first two yards and then start planting in these pig-tilled yards. I'm very excited. I'll have more on this project later and also my plan for that dastardly ground hog.

The Good Land Gin and Tonic. Sublime.

At the end of the day I had what is sure to be the signature drink of The Good Land of the summer.... a basil and mint gin and tonic. Three kinds of fragrant, spicy basil muddled with a hint of mint from the garden, a splash of gin, a big glug of tonic, and then finished with sparkling water. So refreshing!

Happy Thursday everyone! Are you getting things done?


Heavens Door Acres said...

Spectacular! Love reading about them pigz and warrior dogz!

Unknown said...

Right now for me it's water, water, water. Been 100 lately and really windy...

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