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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The biggest onion yet AND pork and greens

Finally! I grew an onion! I real onion!

 Look at it! Just look at it!

After years of working on this bad soil I am thrilled to present the first real onion that I have ever grown....

With my shoe for scale! It's a huge success! Don't worry I didn't step on it.


I was also thinking about a friend who mentioned traditional style Southern greens the other day... here is our version of pork 'n greens. Thanks pigz!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


buddeshepherd said...

congratulations on your Onion! I'm rather partial to little baby onions which I love to eat with lots of salt. My goal is to eat lots of bacon and salt and die before my term life insurance expires.

Unknown said...

What a beauty! Ive yet to experience this joy but i am pleased with your success.

Vera said...

You are well justified for being proud about growing that onion. We have just pulled up a proper cabbage after never having managed to get one to grow properly, and the sense of achievement is huge, as I am sure that yours is.

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