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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's Finally Summer!

Yesterday was THE day... the first "real" summer day... it was achingly hot... totally swampy...and completely glorious!  I'll complain about the heat for the rest of the summer but yesterday was the perfect summer day. 

Visitor to the bee balm.

First, guess what I saw yesterday morning? Check it out!

Does anyone know the variety? I think maybe a green headed hummingbird?

The hummingbirds love our property. We have a lot of blooms for the beez - which also brings in the hummingbirds. They are always around the hosta and they also really love the bee balm.

Then... oh then.... it was the Best Day Ever! My first tomato!  Look at this lovely!

I've been waiting all season for this.

This is either one of the black krims or a Cherokee Purple but it was fabulous and I ran right in the house and ate most of it with olive oil and sea salt.

Seriously the salad bucket is my new favorite thing.

I put the rest in with my treasures from my salad bucket.

Today is going to be another hotsy-totsy... but the humidity is already way down thanks to the storms we had last nite. Thankfully it was not a tornadic storm or too dangerous... so it was nice to fall asleep to the rain and thunder and not have to worry about running into the basement for cover.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Do you have tomatoes yet? Have you seen a hummingbird?


Unknown said...

I have tomatoes almost ready and the rest are loaded. No hummingbirds yet, they will show up though, like always...

Anonymous said...

Dear OFG,

The only hummingbird in our area is the ruby-throated. They are so great to watch, beautiful, and so fast! I am sure they love your farm! Have followed your blog for a year or so and have learned so much. I think what you do is fantastic.

Take care,
Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

MT Dreamer said...

Woohoo! Nothing better than the first tomato from your own garden! I was up close and personal with a hummingbird on Monday. One flew in to sample some of the flowers I was watering. Less than 2 feet in front of me. I was so surprised that it actually got that close to me I think I was mesmerized!

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