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Thursday, July 17, 2014


What a great day! Yesterday was even better than this superduper day last week. While all my friends on the West Side are baking in extreme heat.... we have good and lusciously cool temperature. It's just like heaven. It was so cool in the morning that I needed a sweatshirt for the first hour I was outside.


We got so much done yesterday. But the very best was that my husband spent most of the day mowing so I didn't have to do it. When he was done we were wow'd by how well it came out. Between the goats, the pigz, and the mowing we have a lovely green swath going down to the woods. Just in time to do more fencing!

Dahli took one for the team yesterday. She was screwing around - like normal....

Oh Dahli....

... when all of a sudden she started screaming, hopping around, and bucking. I saw the tell tale swarm around her which looked to be mean ground beez.


The goats have learned to listen to me - albeit begrudgingly. They know the command "Run" and we all did. It took me a while to get ahold of Dahli - and yep she had a big ol' welt right on her big ol' udder. She hid inside the goat house for a while and was fine by the time we did evening chores. Dahli has never been my favorite but she is a good sport.

Today will be just as lovely as yesterday so I'm headed out. Happy Thurday everyone!

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