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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mr. Tibbles - not dead.

It's always a very long, slow walk out to check on an injured farm critter. Such was my walk yesterday.

Mr. Tibbles in his days of glory

We found Mr. Tibbles the night before - hanging upside down by his leg on the field fence. Whenever he flopped around the field fence hit the electric fence. Who knows how long he was out there and how many times he got shocked. It was horrible. I have absolutely no idea how he ended up like that.

I ran as soon as I saw him - it was miracle I even found him because he was behind the chicken house. It was just by happenstance I walked around the corner. I yelled for my hubs to turn off the fence. I got my favorite salmon favorelle roo untangled but he was looking grim. Mr. Tibbles, like most of the male poultry, hates me... but he is the most beautiful roo we have and I love him. Plus just look at those feathers!

I carried him over to the Turkey House to bunk down for the night in a coop near Nibbles. There seemed to be about a 50/50 chance that he would/not make it. So when me and the dog went out there in the morning I was greatly relieved to find him alive. He hung out in Nibbles' pen for the day alone. Then again for evening chores.... I did the long slow walk out to see if he made it thru the day.

I didn't see him right away.... so I sent the dog in to check....and then I heard squawking. Whew! Of course he was hiding in a corner... bah! Mr. Tibbles why do you torment me so!

Mr. Tibbles seems to have fully recovered. He's staying in the garage today just to make sure the other roos don't go after him but I think he will be back to full roo speed tomorrow.

I'm very pleased to report that Mr. Tibbles is not dead.

Happy Saturday everyone! Did you find your most beautiful rooster hanging upside down in the fence?


Unknown said...

Ah poor guy! Glad he made it, he's very handsome. Bet he won't go near that fence again :(

Heavens Door Acres said...

Nope, Didn't find my favorite roo hanging...but found him cowering in the tall grass, trying to get away from a MEAN Guinea rooster! Oh, that Guinea's days are numbered. I WILL cook him slow and love every minute of it.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

ha! our guinea does the same thing every morning - chases our roos. he and TurkZilla have teamed up. they are ridiculous.

Moon-Shadows said...

Im so glad were not the only ones looking forward to a guinea roast one day!!!! They are nasty bullys to our buff orpintons-like monday night raw wwe smack down kind of mean.

Unknown said...

Wow, so crazy...I DID find a chicken hanging upside down last week. Seriously, I have pictures and everything. I am calling her the Blair Witch Chicken, it freaked me out, couldn't figure out how in the world she did it, but it looks like it was self-inflicted. Got some feed-bag string tangled up on her feet, jumped up on top of a high spot in one of the sheds, then got caught when she jumped down (my best guess). So I found her right at dark as I was finishing doing some fence repair for the pigs (dem pigz, always with the fences). She was hanging from just about the ceiling in front of one of the shed doors.....thought I had angered a voodoo practitioner. She's fine, right as rain, even gave me the squawking business for the trouble of cutting her down. Upside down chickens...who knew?

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hi Moon Shadows! Thanks for coming by! And yes, as HDA said, the guineas are ridiculous.

Wow! Hi Duncan - gosh I've been thinking about you. Good to see you. Hilarious about you hen - arent they just something else? Chickens, man, they are crazy.

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