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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dahli. Done. And.. dog wash.

We've had an eventful day. I need to get in my notes that today was Dahli's special day. We threw her in the back of the truck and rushed her up for a date with a shaggy Alpine buck at a spectacular farm.

My Most Excellent Good Sir. Vexed. And guarding his new rawhide chew.

It worked. It really, really worked. Initially she wasn't interested in their senior buck so they got The New Guy. Dahli went hog wild. It was horrible and I might have nightmares. I shoved the buck fee at the owner and we drove away as fast as we could.

My official notes say that Dahli has a typical gestation of about 141 - 145 days. So that means we can expect babies.... whenever she feels like it because lets face it, goats are insane. But we'll shoot for April 22 - 26th. 

I'm hoping that we can take Debbie and Daisy up there this weekend when they due to be in heat. Honestly, I just want this to be over with. You know I have zero love for goat breeding.

What about Nibs? Well. We decided that we are not going to breed her. Between Deb and Dahli we get a huge bucket of milk. If Daisy is going to pull her weight then Nibbles' paltry quart a day just isn't worth it. Sorry, Nibs. No love for you.

In other news. These are the things my Dog#1 does not think are funny. At all:

1. You, standing too close to me.
2. Going to the dog wash.

He has had plenty of shenanigans for today. However, he is now significantly less stanky and he is nice and clean.

Have you been to the self serve dog wash? It's really the best thing going. The local PetsMore has this service. You buy the tokens at the cashier then haul your uncooperative dog back to the special dog wash room. They have a kind of car wash set up (pre-wash, suds, rinse, etc) and a nice dog shower ready for use.

Mostly you don't get wet... and they have a huge pile of towels available.  And a special blow dryer.  But the best part is that you don't get dog hair all over your own bathroom. For just $10 this was totally worth it.

It's really fun. Well. I thought it was fun. My Most Excellent Good Sir did not think it was amusing at all. He was vexed. But as always, he silently endured the humiliations galore.

Everyone at the store was wow'd by my big white wolf. But they all stayed back thanks to my "don't mess with my dog" stare.

For his cooperation we stopped at the treats aisle and got him a special candy cane shaped rawhide chew. But he just wanted to go home and sulk. So he did.

None of this was planned for today. Farming - you never know what is going to happen.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Do you take your dog to the dog wash?


small farm girl said...

I forgot all about our doggy baths!!!! Ours are inside of a car wash. Well, off to the side, I should say. LOL. And here I was wondering about washing our St. Bernard. Hmmmmmmmmm

Heavens Door Acres said...

Dog wash...Hmmm, I am going to have to see if we have one near us. I know my Caesar will NOT climb into the claw foot tub, and lifting him? Well, NOT going to happen. Taking him to a groomer? HA! There is not a groomer left in the county that will even take my calls! ( Thank's to owning 3 Pomeranian dogs that take HOURS each to fluff and wash.)

Ohiofarmgirl said...

It's the best idea I've ever seen. I'm going to run all of our crew thru that dog wash, SFG!

I laughed, HDA, I bet your poms are superstars!

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