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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Wish List

I listed my favorte things the other day - all stuff I use and love. But what is on my wish list? What do you get the farmer who already has the basics? Pretty much you level up to bigger and better tools.

I love this knife holder. My knives aren't banging around together in a drawer or left out on the counter.

I already have one of these magnetic knife holders. But I really need another. They work great. I can even keep my kitchen shears here. I will note, tho, I'm not sure this is the best idea if you have kids due to possible death and dismemberment from falling knives. As it is we made sure to put it out of the way of over interested cats.

I also need a new boning knife.I'm pretty sure my best one was accidentally thrown out after one of our butchering sessions. I have one... but it's not the same. I also don't have a Santoku knife. Can you believe it? So those two knives are on my list. Do I "need" them? Nope but I sure want them.

Next in the kitchen.... the Le Creuset goose pot. In blue. Yes. THAT goose pot. Seriously... I'm weak in the knees over it. I'm pretty sure that OD the Gander is safe tho... that is some serious cabbage to throw down for one pot.

The other day I saw an episode of The Mind of a Chef about Argentine chef Francis Mallmann. Wow! So now I need two of his books, Seven Fires and Mallmann on Fire. What an amazing chef! Plus I need to learn to roast a whole lamb (or goat) over fire. On a stick. Awesome.

Based on how my make shift greenhouse plastic fared (badly).... I really need a roll of FarmTek's greenhouse film.I was really surprised at how brittle my bought-from-a-box-store plastic became after just one summer...and how it basically blew apart with that last bad windstorm. So I need to get what the pro's use. That is a carefully planned purchase tho - it's pretty expensive.

I'm fairly certain I need a drone. I don't even need a reason. The one with the video camera. But then if I had one I could get some great vids of me working with my Dog Horde to show folks how it's done. Or I could spy on Nibbles. Or scare the chickens. *Thinks about how awesome that would be.*

Or I could just get a GoPro and strap it on Nibbles. Then I could see the world from her point of view. It could help relations. Or not. Still awesome.

But really the one electronic doohickey that I really need is Amazon's Fire TV Stick. Have you seen this? It's amazing. You plug it into your TV and then you can watch online... without using your computer! Seriously. Is this genius or what? We've been trying to find a solution to us sticking a cord into my laptop. Inevitably, Pepper or one of the other cats will step on the cord and we'll lose the picture. Usually at the most exciting part of the show. Plus I can't facebook and watch TV at the same time. If I had this I would be able to interweb an TV watch. It's like a dream within a dream.

We watch almost all our shows online. Turn on the TV at an appointed time? Are you nuts? That is so 1990 or something. If we can't watch in on Hulu, the Netflix, or on Amazon's Instant Video service then forget it. So for $40 this Amazon's Fire TV Stick solves all our problems.

They also have a set top thingy - Amazon Fire TV-that is voice activated.... but it is more expensive and frankly, I'm not ready for the whole "Computer! House of Cards, Season One. Now." Plus I think the dogs would think I was talking to them. I can't even.

So that is my wish list. Oh! And buckets. I always need lots and lots of buckets.

Happy Wednesday everyone! What is on your wishlist?

Editors note: Do you need to shop for someone's wish list? Perfect! Give a click one of these items or use the black Amazon search box on the side of the page. If you do I will get a tiny portion of the sale. I'm not even selling you anything - just pick out what you were already shopping for. It can be anything - books, movies, a drone, or something you need from Amazon anyway.  If you like this blog, or if I've helped you at all in your farming efforts, just make a purchase from Amazon from one of the links, my store, or the black Amazon search box on the right side of this page. I can't see who purchases what or any of the details. THANKS for your support!


carolyn said...

Please don't waste your money on the plastic at the store for a greenhouse. you will get about 4 years out of real greenhouse plastic. The place to get it though is Yoders Produce in Fredricksburg. They are on Applecreek rd. You will find EVERYTHING you need at the most reasonable prices you have ever seen. Not the kitchen knives, though. Take a trip to Warthers Museum in Dover and take the tour if you have never been there and get the knives they make right there in their knife shop. I love my Warthers boning knife.

PS... Love your blog, btw.

Unknown said...

We have one of those magnetic knife holders, its one of the only nice things that came with the kitchen. We use it for everything that doesn't fit in the utensil drawer, including the fish scaler and the giant BBQ spatula tool. Its great!

David said...

We stopped doing big stuff for Christmans - while it is someone's birthday, it ain't mine.

Unknown said...

-A stainless steal food mill (hand crank thank you very much)
-the sausage making attachment for my stand mixer
-Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing
-a set of really good kitchen knives
-The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It
there's my list!!
my mom shakes her head and laughs at me about the books...we are moving and I've already packed 11 boxes of them and I'm not even halfway done if you count the cookbooks. The cats however, think the box fortress of doom is the coolest thing on the planet, plus it makes an excellent napping post...not to mention the empty book shelves

Ohiofarmgirl said...

Carolyn - you cant believe this but i was JUST THERE! We went up to the auction a couple weeks ago and made a tour of some of the places! How fun! And thank you for the kind words. :-)

Liz what a great idea! I just broke the huge crock I have always used to hold my tools. Having them where I can see them has revolutionized my kitchen. I definitely need to put my spatulas on one of those.

Dave, we always focus on that someone's birthday ;-)

Nice list, Nastasha! And yes I love the Charcuterie book! I love all my cookbooks. :-)

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