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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pigs. Not in the frezer.

You know... sometimes life is very frustrating. The other day I went downstairs to get something out of the freezer and everything was thawed out. AGAIN! I panicked. I swore. I hurried up and sorted out what was still mostly frozen and what wasn't. I couldn't believe we had another freezer fail.

Remember this foolishness from over the summer?

I ended up with about six packages of meat that were mostly thawed out. I didn't want to try and refreeze them... that would deteriorate the quality. So I just put them in our coldest fridge and we are working our way thru them. I was very mad. Very, very mad.

Thank heavens we didn't butcher the pigz yet!

When my husband got home we investigated the situation and we determined the cause of the freezer fail was..... cats. It seems our Gate Diablo is trying to work against us. Some how he (or Moose) stepped on the button on the power strip the freezer was plugged into...and turned it off. I must have been off for days and neither of us noticed.

We cursed ourselves that we didn't take one pal's suggestion and get and get a freezer alarm.

But believe me we have learned our lesson. And we moved the power strip so little paws can't turn it off again.We've also been eating our way thru all that meat. Fortunately we had divided up the pork we just butchered so there were only several packages and not most of a pig.

And this?

But my roasted corn and all those peppers are pretty much doomed. We are going to use them - but the quality is kind of poor. So I'll be using the corn in a corn pudding and such.

In the meantime, the pigz are still out there. We haven't gotten our ducks in a row to have a butcher day.  First I was too sick, then we needed to get another freezer to replace the one that really died.....and now it's going to be too warm this weekend. The one time I really need it to be 20* and it may not even be freezing!

So we are just going to keep moving along.

Happy Tuesday everyone! Did one of your cats turn off your freezer? Are you eating meat, meat, meat, and more meat because of it?

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Vera said...

It was the falling of the broom onto the freezer switch for us. Didn't notice the freezer was defrosting, and had been for days, until I happened to open the lid. I was not a happy bunny. But at least the freezer was only about one quarter full, and it was my intent to get it emptied out. It is an old freezer and we are going to use if for grain storage, it being rat proof. But I still had a blue fit about the defrost, because I was not prepped for having to deal with loads of meat in soggy defrost state, so I really do know how you feel. The dogs got a huge amount of meat, both raw and cooked, so they were pleased, as was my husband who also had lots of meat sent his way. I have a natural frugal tendency to be quite sparing with our meat meals, and he often has commented about how much more vegetables there are on his plate in comparison to the proportion of meat! Anyway, sorry about the defrost, and hope you managed to save most, if not all, of the meat. Vx

Anonymous said...

You can cook the meat and freeze it cooked.

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