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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

70* and smelly... I mean... sunny.

It's a good thing that we don't have smell-o-vision over the intertube. Yesterday was smelly. The smells ranged from stanky meat chickens, the extreme deep litter in the Turkey House, smoldering rodents, and this.....


Yesterday was garlic planting day. It's about a month late but for heaven sakes it was also 70* and sunny. Today will be even warmer. These unseasonable warm days are beautiful - and I'm getting a lot done - but holy tomatoes!

You can read more about planting garlic here. I still can't believe it works but I'm excited for the results. Last year I did not get a lot of garlic planted and most of what came up was inadvertently planted. This year was much more purposeful.

The cloves were huge!

I got some garlic for planting a couple weeks ago when I drove around in Amish country - for a fair price. I just didn't expect it to be so huge. I have high hopes for garlic next summer.

Today is going to be about leaves. I have a billion leaves and my goal is to get them all for mulch to improve my bad soil. My other task is to finish up prepping the Turkey House to move the first group of meat chickens over there. They need more space and a yard to keep their creepy meat chicken rampage under control. I might even try and funnel them into one of the cleared off gardens so they can poop it all up and fertilize it for next year's season.

Happy Wednesday everyone! I mighta glossed over that whole smoldering rodent thing. I'll tell you about it some time. Ew! 

Is anyone else still planting?


David said...

I took all last week off to work in the garden - a big re-arrange is n order and it rained the whole time. Rats. I've planted garlic as late as Dec 15 and it has been fine...

Enjoy your time outside!

Kelly said...

Hurray for garlic planting! We woke up to our first snow today. Composted leaves did wonders for my old garden in the suburbs. It was worth the effort. Enjoy your nice weather! I'm off to check on the wood stove. =)

Cottontail Farm said...

Not outside, but I'm planting a little indoor herb garden in the kitchen this year for winter cooking. And since I had to order thyme seeds... I... umm... well.. went ahead and put in my seed order for 2016? That's embarrassing, right?

Amanda Rose said...

I planted my garlic last week. It is late for it here, too. I am hoping that this last week of seventies and sun will save it. I ended up planting it in a small herb garden instead of the big vegetable patch. The big one is still nothing but a weed patch taller than I am...I might be a teensy bit intimidated by the thought of trying to get it all cleaned out. I suspect it might be time to break out the power tools, lol

My plan for my next day off involves a lot of raking. I usually bury my garlic under knee deep leaves...and add a second armful after the first few rains. My veggie garden was a major flop this year, but at least I got good garlic out of the deal!

PJ said...

I have not planted anything lately but I did move my lemon tree to the greenhouse.

Linda said...

I managed to get my garlic planted last month. I usually don't get it planted early so this was a first for me.
My garden too was a flop this year but I did get garlic from it. I love homegrown garlic it has so much personality and wonderful flavor.

My favorite way to eat it is to roast it with the top cut off and olive oil poured on the top. Then when its done spread it on some toasted homemade french bread. My dairy goats love raw garlic too. So I give them the smaller cloves in the winter as a tonic.

I don't think its too late to plant. The ground is still warm and November is still a good month to plant in. It will be fine. Happy Planting!


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