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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Turkey Day Preps and Pies

If you've been in the grocery stores recently then you are probably kicking yourself that you didn't grow out some turkeys yourself. I know we are.

Our local Meijer store had a promotion where you can get 50% off a turkey - so instead of ours being $38... it was about $19. For a 13lbs bird. That is insane. The high prices are the result of the bird flu epidemic earlier this year - but it's just about over. But with these prices, when people ask if it's "worth it" to grow our own? Yes, yes it is. We should have gotten some poults.

But onward and upward. Is everyone ready to gobble-till-you-wobble on The Big Day? If you are still waffling about what to do, how to get organized, or the most important question of all... what pie you'll have. Fear not! Here are some links to help you sort it all out.

If there are not a big bunch of you - or if you just want to try something easier than a traditionally roasted turk - you might just wanna spatchcock. It's my new favorite thing....and a fun word to say. Or scream. Randomly.  Also this link includes my favorite dinner roll recipe and some tools. There is also bourbon involved.

If you really don't know what you are doing - don't worry! Here are some references for you...and some additional tools. Also my favorite, "How to Do Thanksgiving" book.

But let's face it - the best thing about Thanksgiving is pie. Sure, the leftovers and a great turkey sandwich are the second and third best parts of it... but pie is really the reason for the season.

Hands down, this is the World's Best Pie. Pumpkin with a walnut crunch topping. And it's superduper easy.  This is what I'm making.

But don't forget apple... or better yet, Hot Buttered Rum Apple Pie from my favorite chef and author, Tom Douglas. His book is entirely worth getting if you don't have it already.

Want some danger in the kitchen - we have that! "Danger Pie....aka... tarte tartin... there is danger involved. Don't burn your house down or spill the caramel on yourself.

And sure you need a chocolate pie...... we all need chocolate pie....

If you want to go old school you can always try Grandma Minnie's Graham Cracker Pie.... it is one of my favorites. I miss my Grandma very much and this one always makes me think of her.

Of course, maybe someone else is making pie and you need to bring a different dessert? Don't worry this pear upside down cake will knock their socks off. Really. This is one of my favorite things.

Turkey? Check!
Pie? Check!

OK you are ready!  Happy Turkey Day Prep everyone!


Moon-Shadows said...

Processed our turks this past weekend, black spaniards, made up pioneer womans turkey brine and have the 35# plus bird soaking in the refridgerator.....all possible bc of this blog that i started reading 4 yrs ago!!! Thanks for the inspiration, knowledge, and hutzpath!!!! :) im truely thankful for you and this blog!!!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

yay!!!! great work...... and aw shucks. :-) *gives hugs* :-)

Vintage Maison said...

Turkey is SO expensive in France. The first year we were in France, we found a supplier - another Brit - who 'put one by' for us. What she failed to tell me - and I failed to ask - was how big the bird was - it was so huge that we couldn't get it into our (large) oven and my brother cut off the legs for me and we roasted them separately. The turkey cost us an eye-watering 60 euros - about 63 US$ - thirteen years ago - and I vowed never again.

We raised our own for years but dear OH has lost his nerve for killing. Two years ago, we had a local farmer kill and prep our two turkeys (one for Christmas, the other for the freezer) and we were disappointed at the toughness of the meat, which indicates to me that they weren't killed kindly. So, last year, it was a frozen turkey from a UK supermarket, brought over by a friend, about a third of our usual size and you know what? It was fabulous! I am repeating it this year too.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all, from France!

Cottontail Farm said...

I bought a local bird this year, a broad breasted white at about $2.15/lb. Ouch. A week later people were literally giving away heritage birds "free to good home" on Craigslist but I was too slow. I will do better next year. Do you have any estimate on what it costs to grow out a turkey? I think it's time I did it myself.

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